Judge ‘me’

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Judge ‘me’.

Perhaps my greatest gift is ‘discernment’, or judgment.

As with any gift, we get to choose how to use it. For example, I can choose to be very judgmental of others, of my own actions, and my life. I can always see what is missing and be wishing to fill in the gaps no matter how close I get. Or, I can see what is there, appreciate the opportunity I have in life, love every moment by being able to choose the best way to spend it, and love my mind for its ability to figure things out quickly and prioritize my best day.

In other words, the ‘gift of judgment’ means I can quickly decide how many things are ‘wrong’, or I can use it to rapidly make decisions that lead towards my ideal life.

Today, I’m making the choice to share my gift with you. I was driving in my car when it suddenly hit me: I can use my gift on myself. And while organizing my thoughts, I can share my thought process with the world.

In other words, I can ‘judge myself’ in every category in my life. The point of this exercise isn’t to be hard on myself, or to come to the conclusion that my life isn’t what I want it to be, or something weird like that. Rather, the point is to ‘judge’ if the actions I’m taking — or how I’m living — in each category are in alignment with a good feeling in my body. Basically, I’m using ‘judgment’ to teach me ‘alignment’, and through improving alignment I can improve my life.

So, here are the questions I’ll be asking myself over the
next 30 days, in case you want to join me and do the same:
How are my relationships?

Specifically, how do I treat people, how interested am I in them, and what changes can I make to improve the social dynamics of my life to increase alignment with my favorite ‘social feeling’?

  • If I zoom in, how are my relationships on an hour-to-hour or minute-to-minute basis?
  • How about macro, how are my relationships overall?
    • Spouse
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Children
    • Work
    • Social life outside of work
How is my love life?
  • Do I spend enough time loving myself? (and hopefully beyond)
  • How do I express my love? Do I show it in multiple ways, or only through intimacy? How can this be more aligned with my actual picture of love?
  • Do I love on other people — at random throughout the day — by thinking of them and calling them into my consciousness? Now that I know this has a physiological response on their cells to make them feel more happy and loved, how can I ‘not’ want to do this?
How am I doing financially?
Am I being responsible for my future? Living the moment enough? Is there a better balance that might feel more aligned, and if so, what changes might I make to get there? (Then, I’ll feel into each idea.)
How is my diet?
Am I eating food based upon how healthy it is for my body, or am I still being tempted by foods that make me feel lousy?
Am I moving my body the right amount, and in the right ways?
In other words, am I spending all of my time sore, or am I in a pattern of moving too little and getting too busy? If either of these are true, that’s not in alignment with the way I’d like to treat my body. I like to move, a lot, every single day.
How is my mind?

Am I being judgmental on myself, in a negative way? Am I being judgmental in my thought process about others? If I had to rate my ‘bliss level’ on a scale of 0 to 10, what would be my score throughout each day?

  • Since I know my mind is in charge of this number — and I personally would love to live at a 10 — I can imagine the feeling of a 10, and then use it as a bar to make progress in this direction through every choice I make.
Am I being kind to my body?
When push comes to shove, do I treat my body with love throughout each and every day? Am I nurturing and thanking it for all it does for me, or am I taking it for granted and having unrealistic expectations on its ability to perform without sleep, in a prolonged state of hurry, or during integration from a new life lesson that requires personal space and time?
Am I spending as much time connected and in love with life as I have intended?
In my case, I have a goal of at least 85% of my day in a state of consciousness that feels ‘higher’, so to speak, in that I can feel a greater level of connection to my surroundings, people around me, my purpose in life, and experiences that take place. In contrast, historically I’ve spent a heck of a lot of time distracted by my mind, hardly noticing things as I walked or drove by them, and constantly solving problems (business challenges, relationship challenges, etc.) while doing something else.
Today’s thought exercise:

What is ‘your’ greatest gift? And would you be willing to share it with the world? If today’s message was helpful for you, imagine what’s possible when we all start doing this for each other.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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