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When someone tells you what to do, do you typically resist?

How about when they invite you to try something, are you more likely to say yes, or at least consider it?

The ‘resistance vs invitation’ lesson applies to so many versions of your reality. For example:
  • if you invite people to spend time with you, you more easily make friends
  • if you invite others into your life, you share experience instead of going it alone
  • if you invite yourself to love, you quickly fall in love and experience intimate feelings
  • if you invite spirit into you, your perspective instantly shifts
  • if you invite anger, fear, resentment, or sadness — through the relationships you choose, the thoughts you think, the situations you are in, etc. — into your life, you experience these emotions easily, as well

So, let’s say you created humans, or this world as a whole. Let’s say you knew the ‘rules’, how everything worked, and what would be the likely outcome of any situation. Would you have chosen for humans to invite you into their lives or would you have chosen to force yourself upon them, ultimately being met with great resistance?

I suppose if ‘I’ were the creator, I would create opportunities for people to invite me into their lives. And when they did, I would be psyched, ready and willing, and excited to spread the word with them. I can only imagine the feeling if these ‘people of mine’ started checking in with me throughout the day, living ‘with’ me; I suppose it might feel something like interacting with your children throughout the day, rather than only a quick chat before bed, some of the time.

I think most people get lost with the ‘idea’ of a creator, if they don’t have a specific belief system or religion. If that’s the case for you, you might want to think of everything — both alive and inanimate — as part of something larger, which is planet Earth. And then on a scale larger than that, there is the galaxy, universe, and beyond. Each part of the multi-verse, let’s say, is a small fraction of the whole. Well, we are kind of like that, but for a microcosm called planet Earth, and then on a smaller scale, we reside in a particular geographical region of Earth, a specific, city, town, neighborhood, and street address. Yet, no matter how small we are — much like a cell of the human body — we are part of something greater. We are a tiny portion of something that is alive, thriving, and part of something even greater than itself.

And when we get in touch with our inter-linked role in existence, rather than insist on totality of individuality — perspective shifts. The desire to invite connection into your life increases, and the process of inviting in spirit/source/Universe/God/nature into your life becomes more important.

Today’s thought exercise:

Let’s say you could have any reality or experience you choose, and all you had to do was invite it into your life and believe it were possible. What, who, how, and why would you make your choice?

And if the ‘secret’ to life were really this easy, would you feel excited for your new discovery or resentful for time-wasted? I suppose this is worth considering ahead of time, rather than re-creating the same old cycle of negative self-talk that led to this reality to begin with…

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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