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What if you could look at food, think about it, and instantly know if it were good for you? I suspect it would eliminate all the confusion surrounding weight loss, looking and feeling younger, and boosting your energy levels.

Well, that’s precisely what I’ve been focused on for the last 1.5 years of my life. As it turns out, your intuition can guide you in ways you’ve probably never imagined.

Take a look at nature:
  • A dog sniffs a plant and knows if it’s ok to eat.
  • A dolphin knows which fish in the sea are ok for his diet, and eats accordingly.
  • A lion senses disease before it attacks, and avoids eating something that can transmit illness to her or her cubs.

These are three examples, but they apply to every animal on Earth; do you really feel ‘we’ are the exception? Or perhaps you might consider that we’ve been focused on other skills, like language apprehension, communication, and higher order thinking to work in groups in an effort to develop society and advance as a species.

The more time we spend in our frontal lobes — or the area of the brain that performs higher order thinking and logical reasoning — the less attuned we are to the emotional and instinctive aspects of our brains. For example, the most primitive aspect of our brains is deep inside, where smell is located.

We can smell, taste, and distinguish between something that is good for us, and something that is not. We can look at something and instinctively know if it’s going to harm or help us. We have this power, just like every other animal on Earth.

I challenge you to get in touch with your intuition,
but on a brand new level. You already see it in practice:
  • If you walk down a dark alley, you may know there is evil around you.
  • Sometimes you might get the idea that someone is staring at you, and you look behind your back, and sure enough, they are.
  • You might get a ‘bad feeling’ about taking a particular action at work or home, and later find out you were right; but, there’s no logical explanation for it.
Inside all of us, there is something far more powerful than our ‘logical brains.’

It’s our intuition, and it can guide us. If you’re religious, you access this ‘higher self’ when you pray. If you’re an athlete and you’ve ever felt in the zone, you’ve accessed something outside of your normal thinking that allows you to perform without thought, and at lightning speed with incredible accuracy.

You’ve seen your intuition in action, but perhaps you’ve called it something else, or attempted to quiet the voice. Today, your homework is to “turn up the volume,” so to speak.

Listen, go inside of yourself, and act. Use your logical brain to check your performance, and improve in time. Even if you’ve silenced your intuition for years, it’s still inside of you, and it’s a power that will grow rapidly if you give it the chance.

After all, we are — perhaps — the most abundant and successful species on planet Earth. We have at least as much intelligence as any other species, and we are connected to all that is. Once we realize how capable we are, our “instinct” takes over and guides us: i.e. our intuition.

Begin today — trust yourself, at a gut level. Let your intuition guide your actions, and don’t be afraid. You are amazing, capable, and you already have all the answers. All you have to do is remember.

You know which job to take, what to say to your children, and what you should eat to improve your health; likewise, you know what’s harming you, and you can stop doing this to yourself, when you listen.

I appreciate you beyond words. Thank you for listening to me today, as my intuition guided me to write these powerful words to you. I am here for you, as is our entire team, and we’ll never stop helping you; so long as I live.

I’m so grateful for you,


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