Internet Physical Therapy – Is It Possible?

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Once upon a time, Physical Therapy was a tech position, where doctors would prescribe a set of exercises and have the therapist carry them out. There was no freedom of thought, no ability to modify the plan of care, and no education to support their suggestions.

Today is a very different day. Today, we live in a world where there are Doctors of Physical Therapy – true experts in our field. Autonomy is a privilege and a right for Physical Therapists, and ‘Direct Access’ even exists. This means that you can see a Physical Therapist in the United States without even having to see a physician first.

We are blessed to be in this position, as Physical Therapists are able to provide recommendations and plans of care that far exceed the limited amount of training that medical doctors receive in regards to exercise program design, pain relief through non-pharmaceutical means, and movement abnormality diagnosis. You see, the way you move may be causing you harm or it may be helping you, but first you need to understand what’s right, and how your body, in particular responds to each exercise.

I regularly receive comments and feedback from people who have trouble with the following exercises, above all the rest:

  1. Squat
  2. Lunge
  3. Pull Up
  4. Push Up
  5. Deadlift
  6. Cleans
  7. Presses
  8. Planks

Understanding that these 8 exercises are the eight most fundamental exercises for fat loss, this has left me distraught. In person, we’ve developed a program called ‘Metabolic Training’ (more to come on this soon) that helps overcome these types of issues. However, we’ve never been able to achieve this online.

Step into the future of Physical Therapy…

Are you ready to feel great? …because I’m not going to give up on you. I’m currently in the process of developing the first-ever online Physical Therapy program. I’ll be certifying therapists at the ‘Master-Level’ to administer physical therapy evaluations and movement abnormality diagnoses online, and I plan to share this service with you, first.

Dominate your goals – win, every single time. No more excuses, and no more opportunities for failure. All along, I’ve been listening, and I’ve been searching for the ability to help you, in person, or online. To date, no one has done this… so I figured, if you want change, do it yourself, and set the example.

The key factors for successful Physical Therapy are:

  • Customized Evaluation Process
  • Movement Screening Evaluations
  • Medical History Review
  • Pain Assessment & Questionnaire
  • Tissue Release Work
  • Body Repositioning For Success
  • Movement Education
  • Strength & Mobility
  • Creating A Belief System Centered Around Success, and Nothing Else

It dawned on me that all of these things are possible online.

You see, I’ve always believed in ‘hands on care,’ which is great, and that’s why I’ve studied Manual Physical Therapy, extensively. In person, you’d likely experience our therapists manually releasing tight muscles, fascial restrictions, and repositioning joints to their ideal position. There are certain innate advantages to doing things this way, including faster healing and the certainty that the body is safe.

However, we began movement related screenings in January of this year, and we noticed that most everything was possible through movement, even if it took slightly longer to get the same result. The best part about this, though, is that fat loss can happen simultaneously, or you can build muscle, or just plain improve fitness levels.

Enter Internet Physical Therapy – The New Era For Advanced Physical Therapy Care

Imagine this… you are in your home, and all you need is a camera on your computer or a video camera set up pointing at you. Simultaneously, we have a Master-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, trained directly by me, with a camera pointing at himself. Now, think Ustream, but so much better – we’re talking interactive video conferencing aimed to see you move, watch what you do right, wrong, and what movement abnormalities exist.

All of this, from the comfort of your own home… or hotel, or what have you.

A Master Therapist evaluates you, learns about you, and finds out what’s holding you back. Incidentally, this person is also a Master-certified Personal Trainer, well-versed in any fitness program you can imagine. In essence, you’re peering into the environment of Global Fitness LLC, and you’ll be treated as one of our family.

Then, you can be placed in a movement-abnormality specific Bootcamp or individual training session, depending upon what’s more appropriate, where you can exercise with the guidance of a trained professional. You can see the way they move, and they can see you too.

This, my friends, is going to be revolutionary. Pain is going to go away, and fat loss freedom will ensue. Your life will be different.

Now, let’s go a step further… what will the rest of your day feel like when you no longer move in pain? How will you treat others? Will you finally be motivated again?

It’s time to solve pain – it’s time to solve fat loss – it’s time to open up your life to all of the possibilities of reversing age and redefining life for what it should be: Amazing.

I’m game, and I’m willing to work out the details.

Are you interested?

Please comment below, and be sure to let us know what’s stopping you from reaching you fat loss and fitness goals. Let us know how, in specific, we can help, and we’ll design this program to focus on your life, and your well-being.

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