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Inspiration is contagious; perhaps, the anecdote for fear.

In your weakest moment, find courage, and you will persevere. When you are truly fatigued — whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually — and you ask for help while giving your best, you are the light that inspires. You are a force to be reckoned with, because the soul inside of you is all that is.

Remember to ask for help, and through asking, you will gain the perspective and motivation to persevere. When you’re over-worked, over-tired, and under-slept, it’s time to ask for help. These are reminders for you — kind of like a bug bite getting itchy — that you need to heal; in this case, through rest.

This is an important and ongoing lesson for me. I’ve often attempted ‘triumph and victory’ over ‘rest and flow’. What I mean by this is that I’ve seen my unique ability to be perseverance in the form of physical or mental fortitude. However, what I’ve learned is that perseverance — if slightly re-framed — is about remembering to ask for help, understand when my body needs to rest, and center on the best version of myself for all that I do.

Through my own divinity, I am able to transform my intentions from survival to creation. Through your divinity, you will soon realize you are a walking legend. The opportunity life has for you — when you live inspired — is beyond your wildest imagination.

Today’s thought exercise:

If you’re not feeling inspired and refuse to take action until you are, what’s the worst that happens? Seriously, if you try ‘inspired action only’ for the next 2 weeks, how much damage has been done, what have you learned, and what tweaks can you make to adopt this as your philosophy for family, life, work, mission, etc.?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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