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What does infinity mean to you?

If there is no end, I suppose there’s no pressure. If there is no limit, I suppose there’s no scarcity. If there is no maximum — or minimum — I suppose there’s peace. For in the middle lies bliss; a feeling of content, yielding pleasure and satisfaction for your own life.

In the absence of death, age is hardly relative. In the absence of suffering, risk is barely palpable. In the absence of time, experience isn’t noticeable.

So with infinity comes both the ‘good’ and perceived ‘bad’. If we remove limits, boundaries, minimums/maximums, time, space, and ‘the end’, we exist without pressure in a relative state of blah. For this reason, we choose to perceive an end to our existence through death.

For example, if you consider the possibility of a soul’s lifetime — rather than a single human lifetime — then this lifetime would represent a chapter of your soul’s life. So, no matter your experience, it would only be ‘one’ chapter in your soul’s life book; one experience meant to contrast the rest.

With this lesson, it makes sense to reconsider the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in our lives. It makes sense to value the ‘bad’ for contrast and understand your experience is richer because of it. Without any contrast, your soul’s experience would be neutral, or without perceived experience. If you hit the lottery, enjoy. If you’re having a bit of a harder time right now, see if you can learn some lessons and move past this page in your book with grace.

On the other side lies bliss, continued adventure, and a wealth of life experience. First, you must truly feel what is here for you, process it, and then let go of that which does not serve you.

Today’s thought exercise:

We often wish for ‘more’ — whether material possessions, quality or quantity of life, or time — but do we really want unlimited resources? It’s within the confines of limitation we seize the day, thrive, and expand; ultimately, pushing the limits and creating new possibility.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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