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The mind is fascinating; but sharing thoughts and visions, for me, is a brand new discovery.

Did you know you can share thoughts and visions with other people by first setting an intention and then creating a topic to explore? I’d love to give you a few examples of what this means and how you can practice, integrate it into your life, and have fun in any ‘virtual reality’ of your choosing, anytime you want, and with whomever you want:


the simplest way to elevate your mood is to decide. And, if you want to be calmer, borrow someone else’s consciousness that you know who is calmer than you are. Think about being this person for a moment, and then layer in a memory that brings you peace. Decide you’re in charge of your body’s signals and not the other way around. If you’d like to explore mood elevation with a partner, set a scene ahead of time, and create a shared intention to explore the scene for 10 minutes in your mind’s eye. Then, compare notes. I think you’ll be surprised to hear how many of the colors, images, and features of their adventure were similar to your own. It feels like you ‘really’ are there together in one way or another.

Love & intimacy:

rather than let distance separate you and a loved one, consider taking time to think about one another with the entirety of your imagination. Create a mutual intention to share an experience (i.e. playing with a soccer ball if your kid, an intimate time with your partner, or maybe a family dinner), and then set a timer and go for 2-10 minutes. When you open your eyes, compare notes and have fun with it. Add a song to make it easier and more memorable.

Physical fitness levels:

let’s say you’re stuck in bed and you don’t have anyone who can keep you company while you exercise. You can still imagine this person or set a date to go on a mind adventure. Set aside 10 minutes per day to share time in nature, doing something physical, or treating your body well in some capacity. Feel the breeze on your skin, notice the sounds and smells in the air, and be together with your mind partner for the entirety of your vision. You’re sure to have similar changes in your physiology, from your heart rate to blood pressure, etc. as you would exercising.

Food habits:

in just 10 minutes per day, you and a friend or loved one will change your relationship with food. All you have to do is imagine yourself eating foods that are actually good for your body, while sharing a lunch, dinner, or snack and conversation. Feel the delicious flavors hit your tongue, the variety of temperatures on your palette, and the blood hit your stomach as you digest bite by bite. Because you’re sharing the moment with someone else, you’re more likely to make this a concrete memory, and you’re more likely to see it as the way you already live. Choose any flavors you really want to stand out, and feel the difference between ‘nourishing’ your body and ‘feeding’ it.


if you’re not a champion, pretend you are; it’s only 10 minutes, once per day. Imagine yourself fully capable as a champion in any capacity of your choosing. See yourself move, think, act, and respond like a champion. Feel the love surrounding you, and feel the love you possess, both for life as well as for yourself. Consider how lucky and grateful you are to have the life you chose, and thank something greater than yourself for this opportunity. If you have a friend of family member who will do this with you, choose any time period, and any place/context, and concentrate on the same mind journey for 10 minutes. I think it’ll be fun to compare who shows up as your champions and how it all fits together.


so, this is perhaps my favorite one. If you choose, you have the ability to ‘think’ like anyone else, anytime you want to. You simply have to envision yourself diving into their consciousness/brain/mind, and pretend you were them. Before you know it, you’ll be able to say and feel things, as if you’re someone you know well, love, or someone you’ve thoroughly researched. If it’s someone you know, it works even better because they can open themselves to you, allowing you access to any/all of their knowledge and set an intention to share with you. Perhaps this is a new form of gaining education and wisdom, somewhat similar to The Matrix?

As you can see, our minds are miraculous tools for health expansion and satisfaction. When we program our minds to go on journeys of our choosing, we filter out negative thought cycles, add reinforcement of joy/bliss, and legitimately change our realities.

Today’s thought exercise:
where do you want to go on vacation next, and with whom? Great, now what time are you doing it? (have fun!)

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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