I’m sorry

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I’m sorry.
*NOTE: Today’s message comes from the most pure place in my heart. I love you.

I’m really sorry.

You see, over the years, I’ve fallen for temptation. I’ve made mistakes, and these mistakes have at times deceived you — or those I love — in ways I’m not proud. However, this was my journey, and I’m onto the next steps now.

Please allow me to explain:
Health advice:
I’ve always done my best to help you, every step of the way; overtime, there have been circumstances when I’ve trusted someone else’s advice — or marketing — to steer you the right way, and it hasn’t. I am making every effort to correct path here and improve your experience with our company on an everyday basis. In fact, this is the 190th world health newsletter, and not a single one has had a link in it or promotion. I am writing these to you with the pure intention to serve and help, and it’s by far what I spend the most time on for our business.

You may have perceived me to be healthy at times, while I served as your ‘fat loss coach’ or ‘health coach’ in some other capacity; while I ‘thought’ I was healthy, I was not. In fact, it dawned on me today that I’ve lost 27 pounds since I thought I was lean and healthy enough to compete in the Olympics for Water Polo. And my strength is the same or greater, although part of the difference comes from the strength of my mind as compared to before.

This ‘hidden’ weight on my body was fat that surrounded my organs, fluid balance that was off due to digestive/emotional distress, and forced feeding to grow muscle, rather than healthy eating to fuel my body. I didn’t understand why ‘Cheat Days’ may not be the best choice (eating ‘bad food’ every few days or week is still not ‘healthy’, even if it throws off hormones in a way that helps you lose fat), why partying was hard on my body even if I took care of it during the week, and how weight fluctuations were harder on my heart than consistently being 10-15 pounds overweight.

I had gaps in my knowledge, and now I acknowledge those gaps. And I am doing my best to fill them, and recognize I’m in a perpetual cycle of self-growth. So, if any of my recommendations have ever not been the ‘best’ for you, I apologize and I’m doing everything I can to learn proper recommendations for you, and personalize them through the technologies of today.


Perhaps one of my greatest gifts is influence. I remember when I launched our first website, and it was designed in flash, looked amazing, and was far ahead of it’s time. At the same time, we opened Global Fitness LLC, our in-person Physical Therapy & Personal Training facility that was the first of its kind in the world.

We had just taken on $200,000 in start up loans and lines of credit to get things going. I had turned 26 a few weeks earlier, and I still was in shock people were calling me “doctor”.

The website ended up using the last $20,000 of our line of credit, and we were flat out broke. I had called in favors and asked my mentors to promote. They believed in me, so they did. And I fell flat on my face. We made like 2 sales, and I recovered less than $100 on a $20,000 investment that was designed to help the world get healthier and leave a legacy for my family.

So, I caved into the marketing tactics I knew worked, with a promise to one day work backwards to the image/style I could be proud of. It’s my hope we are finally there, and I apologize for any over-aggressive sales tactics I may have learned, tested, and used to convince you to buy in the past.

I was learning, growing, and doing my best. It’s hypnotic, actually. People (mentors) convince you that you can’t help anyone unless you sell them, so it’s my ‘moral obligation’ to sell, even if I wouldn’t want to be sold to in a particular way. I believed them, and I took on their beliefs.

The truth is that you’re a human being, and you get to choose. If we give away our best work for free and you like it, hopefully you come join us in our membership and become part of our community. And as we get to know you and can truly personalize our recommendations, we learn to speak directly to you and actually offer you programs/opportunities that will work, thereby further building trust.

But, the decision to buy is up to you; not me, and it never was. Sure, I believe we have the best programs in every health category we’ve entered, or I wouldn’t have wasted my time and money creating them. However, my job is to present to you the ‘why’ and it’s your job to decide upon what you invest in and what you don’t.

So, for being over-aggressive with my influence for personal gain at times, I’m sorry. I believe I’ve over-used my power of influence to sell you in the past for products that may not have been the perfect fit for you.


In spite of my best intentions, I may have inspired you to take action in ways that were not for the highest good. For example, I may have reinforced unhealthy beliefs you have about love handles, spare tires, acne, or other physical characteristics you consider ’emotional triggers’ to take action.

I know you care about the way you look, and I know I want to help you with your health.

Instead of helping you develop a healthy perspective, I learned to inspire you to take action on what you care about, and then hope to influence you on the “inside” to live in a healthy way. The main issue with this — although effective for anyone who buys/joins — is that the messages go out to roughly 25-50x more people than who end up buying.

So, 25-50x more people are influenced with unhealthy verbiage and thought patterns surrounding their health and self-image, and they never end up buying. Plus, out of those who buy, not ‘everyone’ ends up going through our programs/products (we do our best to ensure you do, but it’s up to you), which means not every client we have ends up getting the right message.

So, I had to ask myself: have I been inspiring you to be happy and healthy, or to lose the next ten pounds and give you a jumpstart on cosmetic goals only?

And the conclusion I came to is that there is a balance. You want what you want, and I know how to help you. However, from this point forward, please understand I’m only interested in helping you if you’re interested in helping yourself and living a healthier life.

I intend to be more clear about my messaging, especially in this regard. The fact is that we don’t have time to help everyone, we have over a million person following, and we really are interested in helping people improve their lives and be happy.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize. Even now — while not proud — it’s my goal to be fully transparent. It’s my sincere desire to express to you how much you mean to me, and how well-intended I’ve been along the way; often times, I’ve seen things from a skewed perspective.

Today, I hope to be a demonstration of honesty and integrity in a way you have yet to see in online health. I hope you’ll begin to understand how much I’m actually here for you, and how much I care. I hope you’ll also realize I’m human, and I’m doing my best every step of the way: for you.

I love you and I appreciate you receiving today’s message with an open heart.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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