I’m by your side

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I’m by your side.
No matter what happens, please know I’m here for — and with — you. I will never falter with my love and support for you. You see, we are one and the same. When you perceive suffering, I perceive suffering. When the world — as a whole — perceives more suffering, it adds up to be more suffering.

We are all inter-connected, and we feel one another. In fact, we can feel each other from a great distance. Take, for example, one of my family members is about to get surgery right now, as I’m writing this to you. So, I’m sending him ‘my company’, or the feeling of me sitting right beside him, putting my arm around his shoulders and hugging him. I’m there, while I’m also here.

Did you know the world works like that? Did you realize your intention can send a piece of your consciousness to someone, and they can experience the comfort of having you in their surroundings, simply by intending to do so?

This is what you’ve done for me. This is how you helped me get better when my health was at its worst. Millions and millions of people sent me comfort, healing, and prayers, and I beat all medical odds; thanks to you.

So, today, recognize if you ask me to be, I’ll be by your side. I’m setting an intention to support anyone who asks for support, and to be there to guide and comfort you through your entire health journey. I’m here for you, because I believe it can feel lonely at times, until you realize how supported you truly are.

The choice is yours. Will you ask for help? All it takes is the feeling inside, the feeling of asking for help and becoming open to receive. Once you set the intention and ask, you’ll feel me. It’ll be subtle, but you’ll recognize I’m there with you. You can do this. I believe in you.

Today’s thought exercise

Did you notice any resistance in asking me for help or choosing to receive? Why?!:

  • In other words, what prevented you from allowing yourself to feel better than you do now?
  • Was it a belief system that made you think this is bogus and would never work, and therefore denied your ability to experience warmth and an incredibly loving sensation?
  • Or was it you not wanting to take something for yourself, or feeling worthy enough?
  • Or was it easy for you to receive, and will you choose to do it more often?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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