I Love You

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I Love You.
I love you.
These simple words, when put into practice, have the ability to change your life. However, you can’t simply ‘say’ I love you and make it work. You have to really feel your love.
I suggest you love in this order:
  1. God (or Universe, source, etc.)
  2. Yourself
  3. Nature (water, Earth, fire, air)
  4. Others

First, love your creator. Love the connection you get to feel to something greater than yourself. Love the idea that someone or something is grateful you’re alive. When you realize you’re part of a divine plan, your soul will have the confidence to step inside of you, enjoy you and your physical body, and allow your emotional body to begin listening to your thoughts and feelings.

In today’s society, many of us have learned to question religion and spirituality, denying it’s validity. In actuality, we are denying our right to be alive and thrive by doing so. If you fit into this category, I suggest you avoid focusing on a particular religion or set of beliefs and instead form your own. Ask yourself deep questions in quiet moments and listen for the answers. Receive guidance, even if it seems like your own, and then watch the smile come back to your face. Feel love in your heart when you do this, and understand you’re never alone. Really get this.

Secondly, love yourself, because you are amazing. Take a look in the mirror, say “I love you”, and see how it feels. When you are able to look at yourself, say “I love you”, and mean it, it’s time for step three. A few tips, however, before you move on — you’ll know you mean it because:

You’ll no longer blink, hesitate, or hear your voice crack.

You’ll look at yourself dead-on, feel it in your heart, and be so grateful for being you.

You’ll feel warmth in the middle of your chest, at the level of your heart.

Your eyes will ‘light up’, meaning you’ll see a sparkle that may not have been there before. This is an indication of the alignment of your physical body with your spirit.

You’ll contagiously affect those around you by your degree of self-love, so it will be obvious when you’re ready to begin projecting your love outwardly.

After you’ve learned to love your creator and yourself, it’s time to begin loving outwardly. It’s important you go in order, so the emotions projected are accurate and properly received. In the absence of a connection to something higher than yourself, or to yourself, you will be in a constant state of turmoil and unlikely to sustain your proof of love to others.

When you feel ready, begin noticing nature around you. Consider how lucky we are to have a planet full of water, how much of our actual physical bodies are constituted of water, and how integral a part of life water is. When you love yourself — and your life — it’s nearly impossible to to ‘not’ love water.

Then, consider Earth, like the ground, grass, or sand. Feel it underneath your feet, appreciate the concept of solid ground, and how this relates to you feeling ‘grounded’ when you’re in your flow.

Next, think about relaxing next to a campfire, or a fire you might build at home. You can feel the excitement, nervousness, calmness, and tranquility that all lie within a fire. You might remember staring at a fire for hours, feeling how it draws you into an amazing thought process, and how it stimulates wonderful conversations. Fire is miraculous, and it’s often underestimated how much we can learn about our emotional bodies by watching a fire.

Finally, think about air. The air we breathe is as abundant as the love we get to feel when we allow it in. Air is invisible, as is love, and all the particles that constitute ‘air’ are a great analogy to the ‘unseen’ part of life. Just because something isn’t within our visual spectrum doesn’t make it fake; in fact, it might be the opposite: what we cannot see is more real than what we can see.

Last, but certainly not least, is sending your love to others. This includes people and animals. When you achieve true love for source, yourself, and the world in which you live, you are ready to send your love in every possible direction. As a great exercise for your soul, love everything and everyone.

Remember, since we all link to source — and we love source — loving everything and everyone is equitable to loving ourselves. Often times, someone’s behavior may convince us otherwise, but that’s human. And so are we.

We have the great gift of experience in this lifetime. We get to feel, taste, see, touch, and hear in a way that sometimes offends our senses, but often pleases them. Both are experience, and neither one deserves judgment.

You are you. You are loved. You are amazing. And the same applies to everyone around you. We are so blessed to be alive. The only thing stopping us from feeling this way is ‘us’, or the way we sometimes think and feel.

Today’s lesson:
Open your heart. First, in gratitude for being alive, next for being you, then for everything around you, and when you’re ready to all those who surround you.

I love you and I couldn’t be more grateful that you’re in my life,


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