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Hawaii is an excellent lesson in epigenetics.

First, it’s the absence of stress. People in Hawaii simply don’t see the world with a lens that it’s worth stressing. Instead, they feel gratitude for the beautiful environment in which they live, their role in nature, and the love in their lives.

Secondly, climate changes people’s attitudes towards exercise. When you look around, people are chilled out and happy. They are being more active than usual, excited to explore, and ready to see everything they can in their surroundings.

Third, our actual geographic location changes the energy that surrounds us. The closer we are to the equator, the more we are aligned with Earth energies; that’s not to say some people aren’t better off further from the equator, but either way, it changes how we feel.

Fourth, the food. There is fresh fruit, veggies, and locally grown meats all over the Hawaiian islands. Of course, there are plenty of treats, goodies, and sugary snacks as well. As always, the choice is ours, but the point is that fresh and locally-grown food is available and everywhere you look. It tempts you, which makes you more likely to eat it.

Fifth, relationships. While people are on vacation in Hawaii, they tend to focus on their relationships. Just last night, I saw an older couple (mid 60’s, I’d say) strip off their clothes and run into the ocean. They started kissing, and then they were floating, one with the ocean, and laughing as they held each other. Ask yourself: how often do you have a spontaneous and romantic encounter like this in your home environment?

Sixth, social habits are mixed with spirituality by all the locals in an omnipresent way. Surfing, hanging by the beach, walking through bamboo forests, and playing in waterfalls are all fun ways to spend time with friends. Friendships formed during these memorable experiences are meaningful, and the spiritual connection to nature is impossible to avoid. Connection to friends, family, and nature are all inter-mixed, which makes a lot of sense.

It’s amazing how much can change by changing your location. More important than hopping on a plane and coming directly to Hawaii is the choice to acknowledge location makes a difference. If your family is anything like mine, you are an ethnic mix from different parts of the world. This means your family’s location was once different, and the response to your environment and location may be helping or hurting your health.

Today’s lesson:
Take the time to take the time. Figure out if you’re living in a healthy environment, if you’re drawn towards healthy activities, and if there is another way to live and be happy. Strategy counts, and it makes an enormous difference in the quality of your life.

I appreciate you beyond belief, and I believe you have the ability to live your optimal life, while getting there faster than you ever imagined possible.

I’m so grateful for you,


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