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Would you rather lead or follow?

I suppose following takes pressure off decision-making, but leading allows creative freedom to live as you like. An interesting choice.

So, what if you could follow yourself, or your own inner guidance? Would you be happy to follow, in this case? And what if the same guidance existed on the outside, rather than only on the inside? Would this change anything, or would you still be willing to listen to ‘you on the outside’, as much as you’d be willing to listen to ‘you on the inside’?

Because if you’re willing to listen to ‘you on the outside’ — and you recognize the interconnectedness and interdependence of you and everything — you may consider experimenting by asking questions and then looking to nature for symbolic answers. You might ask a question out loud and then listen to the quiet space just underneath and behind your ears for an answer. You might ask to be shown the way, then close your eyes and look deep inside, just between your eyes, extending forward a few inches past your forehead.

And, you might find the answers are there for you, as they always have been. In fact, it could turn out the answers to all your deepest life questions and curiosities have been in front of your face this whole time, reaching you in multiple ways and attempting to help you understand, but unknowing how to communicate with you. It could be you’ve been supported by yourself, or by your connection to everything else, all along. It could be you’ve never been alone a single moment in your entire life, and you’ve been leading and being led the entire time.

What do you think? Is this possible? Is it worth experimenting for yourself and seeing what happens? Or would you rather disregard this possibility and continue to feel pressure to make every decision the right way, without guidance, and without support?

Personally, I think a 30 day experiment is warranted when you consider the potential upside and downside. Do you?

Today’s thought exercise:

If everything we see is having a conversation with us — including trees, clouds, the ocean, bodies of water, wind, fire, light, street signs, messages, overheard conversations, etc. — is it possible this is the most important ‘foreign language’ class we could ever take? And might it be possible this is your true ‘mother tongue’ — meaning English is actually your second language — and that it (metaphysics) will come quickly once you become aware?

Wouldn’t it be weird to find out babies do speak a language — and it’s the same one as the rest of nature — until we un-teach it and ask them to focus on our words and gestures instead?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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