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Stop what you’re doing: freeze!

Pause this moment in time, look at it from another angle, perhaps above and over to the side and behind you a bit. Can you see yourself? Now, close your imaginary eyes and feel what you can sense below. How does your body feel? How about around your head? Do you see a color or hue? Does it look balanced or out of whack?

This might blow your mind, as what you just saw is what others may refer to as your ‘aura’. If you ‘think’ you didn’t see something, you questioned yourself the whole time, or you were stuck in a pattern of disbelief — while simultaneously believing enough to try it — you were in a head to heart conflict preventing you from experiencing.

Interesting, huh?

Your head and heart can conflict at times, and this may prevent you from experiencing, remembering your experience, or perhaps even noticing the smaller details that make experience so wonderful. While stuck in your head, you might miss pleasant aromas, the feeling of love as you see a couple holding hands when they walk by, or silliness in your cells when you hear the outbursts of children playing, laughing, and having a great time in your nearby surroundings.

So, today, I thought I’d share a simple plan to help you get back into your body — and into the moment — whenever you might get lost in your head:
  • 1.) Take a moment to freeze time.
  • 2.) Evaluate how you feel.
  • 3.) Then, make a decision how you choose to feel.

(repeat as often as necessary)

I love you. And I love your mind. Imagine how awesome you’ll believe your mind is when the essence of you takes control and influences your mind, instead of your mind attempting to influence who you are.

Today’s thought exercise:

If I’m working on mastering my mind at the same time as you, does that make it feel better and less intimidating? And if so, do you think sharing the fact that you’re working on this too could make others less intimidated to make a change? And do you feel that when we take our fronts down, we might realize most of society needs the very same help?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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