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Let ‘soul you’ step up and get out of the way.

No offense intended, but your internal guidance system is way better at life than you are. Mine too. It’s not personal. I used to think the ‘way’ to go about life was to master ‘thinking about’ every scenario, and then deciding; nowadays, I’ve learned to ‘feel’, ‘watch’ and ‘listen’ for guidance. Once the guidance arrives, I then ‘think’ about the best sequence of steps to achieve my desired goal.

Does this make sense?

Instead of trying to first reason what my best choice amongst many options might be, I ask for guidance, disarm the ‘human’ part of me, and let my intuition/internal guidance system take over. Once I know what to do, I use my brain to figure out the best way to get there.

I say this again, because it’s the simplest switch, and it makes all the difference.

When you let your soul/intuition/internal guidance system guide you, you enter into a state of flow, or a perfect harmonious rhythm. Life begins setting up opportunities for you, and your job becomes to say ‘no’ appropriately. Past considerations that seemed like problems no longer seem relevant, and decisions no longer produce stress. Relationships flow, because you will be positively affecting the people around you.

Think of relationships like a dance. First, a really good song comes on. Everyone starts tapping their feet. Then, one of you gets up to dance. You start moving. You’re shaking your hips and shoulders a bit. Another person gets up. That’s all you needed to let loose. You let it go, and so does she, and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a dance party 🙂

In this example for relationships, be both the ‘song’ and the first one up to dance. Slowly and steadily, build the crowd and have some fun.

Today’s thought exercise:

Ask yourself: what is the #1 thing I can do today to further my growth and expansion?

Now, listen, feel, and pay attention for what comes next . You’re going to want to write it down and follow the plan.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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