Feeling Stuck

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Feeling Stuck.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it’s hard to get out of rut. Well, consider this: maybe that’s the point; perhaps you shouldn’t be trying at all?

I know this may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but think about it… if you’re giving something your best effort and it’s not working, maybe it’s because you’re putting your effort into the wrong thing.

Take a step back, a deep breath, and a moment of reprieve.

Make a list of all the things that come easy for you in life, and then create a second column next to them. In your second column, add a check if it’s something that’s easy for you but might be hard for other people.

Once you’ve identified one to three areas of your life that are ‘effortless’ for you and ‘effortful’ for others, concentrate on those. That’s your path to success, and the way out of your rut.

Here are a few examples to better illustrate this point:
You might find it easy to ‘show up’ for your workouts, whereas someone else might always have a scheduling conflict, excuse, or reason not to be there. Well, find the person who knows what she’s doing and be her accountability partner. She’ll be so relieved to know you’ll be doing all the “heavy lifting” by holding her accountable to show up that she’ll be glad to teach you all the tricks for faster weight loss, fat loss, or increasing your metabolism.
Maybe you love to cook, but you have a hard time grocery shopping and avoiding the “goodies” that end up sabotaging your results. So, make a deal with someone else in your household that if they do the grocery shopping and promise not to buy any of the crap that keeps you from hitting your goals, you’ll cook every night.
Sitting down and being quiet might be the easiest thing in the world for you; well, that means I would make you my teammate in a heartbeat. My brain wants to keep going and going, and if you decided to help me become more patient and tranquil, well, I’d teach you just about anything I know.
It’s possible you find ‘faith’ natural and easy, either due to practice or your belief system. Contrary to what you might believe, I guarantee most people would see you as a mentor. Make a deal; help your new teammate identify when he is speaking or acting in a way that lacks faith, and he’ll help you identify self-deprecating words you say — or actions you take — throughout your day that result in sadness, loss, fear, or scarcity in your life.
You might be the kind of person who knows how to get noticed at work. As it turns out, that’s a unique and powerful quality that most people would love to possess. Instead of taking this for granted, notice other people for their work and give them the fulfillment you feel on a daily basis. You may just make their day…
Perhaps you are adaptable to many different climates, and you really don’t care where you live, what temperature it is inside the house, or if it rains outside. So, this could be your cue to lead someone else during their time of need. Weather patterns, temperature, air conditioning, and heat all have a massive effect on some people, to the extent they cannot even think straight. If you notice a fluctuation you can fix for them before they discombobulate, fix the thermostat and help them. Or if you can move locations and live somewhere your spouse might be more happy, go for it. I think you’ll find love, respect, and admiration on the other side.

The point is: Find the path of least resistance, and it all flows downhill.

Life isn’t meant to be difficult. You possess unique talents and abilities that make you wonderful, capable, and successful. All you have to do is identify them, focus, and share.

I think you’ll be surprised by what comes back to you, and how quickly it shows up.

I’m so grateful for you,


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