Feel GREAT (how-to)

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Feel GREAT (how-to).

Today, I’ll be sharing a method I personally use to feel great, write to you, and live the highest possible quality of my day, each and every day. In fact, I use this whenever I observe I’m in a less than ideal state of mind, and it has worked every time so far.

I find the method I’m about to share with you uplifting, peaceful, and filled with love. The way I feel when I do this is night and day from when I don’t, and the more often I practice, the less time it takes to achieve my ideal state of mind. In fact, the more frequently I have incorporated this exercise, the less I need to over time.

In business, we create an “SOP” (standard operating procedure) for all complex tasks so they can be replicated with ease by anyone who takes the time to learn. The goal is to take something complex and make it process-oriented, easily repeated, and guaranteed to produce the same result in anyone’s hands.

Here’s an SOP for feeling great:

Connect with an Earth energy: light, water, wind, or ground. Here’s how you connect with each:
Feel the sun, stars, or moon penetrate through your head. Imagine you can see invisible rays of light leave from the sun, stars, or moon, and reach directly towards your head. When they hit your head, it’s as if your skull opens, and you’ll feel light pressure in the front of your brain; allow this “pressure” to turn into a tingling sensation that carries through your body.
Imagine slow evaporation of water, turning into mist, as it leaves a large body of water, rain, or the clouds. This mist is being directed towards you, until it reaches your face, throat, and heart and creates an opening. This time, imagine a cooling response in your body, as you suddenly feel relaxed, your body temperature drop, and your mind turn calm. Allow your heart to pump this cooling effect all over your body, from head to toes.
Prepare for wind, so you feel it pass over your skin. If you can’t go outside, imagine yourself standing in an unobstructed field or beach, where you can clearly envision the feeling of breeze on your body, clothes moving, arm hairs standing up, and a sensation of being refreshed. As the wind passes over you, focus on ‘letting go’ and giving up control. The wind will carry away your worries, stress, ego, and self-limiting beliefs.
Take your shoes off and go outside (or imagine yourself doing this). Feel sand between your toes, blades of grass gently tickling the underneath of your feet, or stepping in mud, getting stuck, and deciding to stand there for awhile. Let the Earth’s temperature cool or heat the bottom of your feet (depending where you’re standing), rise through you, and change the way you feel, bottom up. ‘Let’ the ground affect you; give it the power to rise through your entire body, reach the top of your head, and circle back downward.
Inside your mind (or out loud) tell someone you love them and ask for their love back.
When I’m writing, I usually speak to my best friend growing up, who no longer is alive; it’s my suspicion he’s tapped into God, universe, or whatever you want to call it…
When you ask for love back, ask to spread love as far and wide as you can.
Think of this as a form of a prayer, where you might tell someone you love them, ask for their love, and then ask to do the best thing you can with their love: spread it. Most of the time, when people pray, they ask for something for ‘themselves’. I’m pretty sure prayer works better when asking to spread goodness through you.

These three simple and easily repeatable steps are your way out of a ‘bad’ day and into your groove, whenever you want to feel better. You’ll notice your mind shifts away from nervousness, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, judging, anger, resentment, etc.

Your new state of mind will have thoughts and feelings related to: gratitude, love, joy, peace, connectedness, and pleasure.

Any challenge will be best handled in a more positive state of mind. Any meeting will produce a better outcome when you feel great. Any relationship concern you have will melt away, as you contagiously affect the people around you. Your body will seek health, your choices in food and movement will reflect it, and you’ll be greeted with new and better opportunities than you’ve ever experienced.

Connect with the Earth, yourself, and love. Then, spread it.

Pretty simple. Massively transformational.

I’m so grateful for you,


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