Fat Loss Yin and Yang

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a poem written by Dr. Kareem to help you believe…

Fat Loss Yin:

I exist, stranded in my own body,
happy for others, but not for myself.

Within me, I know there is greatness,
a power so strong nothing can stand in my way.

I deserve more, but I’ve learned to give up;
for facing life’s greatest challenges requires more endurance.

I used to endure, but this brought me great sadness.
A part of me wants to give up, but my heart says no.

If only life were fair, this would be so much easier —
I can’t help but realize they have it so much better than I do.

Even if I did have the willpower, my family needs me at home,
and the bills to pay are a reality in my life…



Fat Loss Yang:

I exist, full of energy, and the will go to war for myself.
I inspire others to be happier, but I do this for myself.

I made ONE decision, and everything changed,
a power so strong nothing can stand in my way.

I deserve my new body, and I’m proud to stand tall;
for in my presence, there is greatness, and I will go on.

I used to endure, but now I just focus on happiness.
A part of me knew if I spent my life smiling, it would change…

I’m a better lover, father, son, brother, and uncle than I’ve ever been.


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