Fat Loss Threshold

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There’s a moment of truth in almost any sport you play when it all ‘clicks,’ so to speak. In golf, this is when you effortlessly swing the club and the ball goes further than it ever has. In swimming, it’s the feeling of gliding in the water instead of fighting to stay afloat and survive.

Fat loss is no different.

People often times become discouraged just moments before they reach their ‘Fat Loss Threshold,’ or their moment of ‘truth,’ so to speak. Losing bodyfat is not about doing one thing perfectly, or three things halfway. It’s about harmony in your life that creates desire for positive change and enough reinforcement to help you
continue forward.

Let me tell you a story about me, just a few years ago, but I want you to try and picture yourself in this situation, with your own circumstances, and your own emotions…

“Ouch!” I remember thinking as I woke up and stood out of bed. My right arm was asleep, my neck had a kink in it, and legs felt like they were different lengths as I took my first few steps, waddling like a duck.

I made it to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and there I stood with my boxers on and electronic toothbrush in front of me. From the looks of the accessories in my bathroom and the view of a lagoon from my bedroom window, an innocent bystander mayhave thought I had the perfect life. But they didn’t see what I saw when I looked into the mirror and ever so slightly groaned with a bit of pain as I took a drink out of the sink.

I saw an old man before me, and I was only 23 years old. I felt old, and I felt cheated. For goodness sake, I was a personal trainer and I couldn’t get rid of my own gut since everything seemed to makemy pain worse. I felt powerless in a former national level athlete’s body.

I remember seeking advice from medical professionals, and albeit great advice, nothing ever sounded ‘just right’ to me. I tried South Beach Diet, Atkins, and the Zone Diet. I thought about doing things like cleanses and wearing sweatpants when I went to the gym. These were things that I logically knew wouldn’t be the best choice for me, but I wasn’t happy, and I was emotionally clouded in my decision-making skills.

It was time for a change. This time, instead of fixing just one thing, I thought to myself, what if I make progress in multiple directions at once and simply promise not to quit. I didn’t know of any immediate solutions for my weight problem, but I knew that I wouldn’t fully understand my body’s potential until I hit my ideal bodyweight. Nor would I realize my career potential…

I decided to reach my fat loss threshold, the point at which strategic synergy between fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition, and mindset take over and produce incredible results. I believed, for the first time, that this was a plan that works. I knew it was right, and it felt right.

So I started working on balancing muscles around my joints, spending time building both cardiovascular and anaerobic fitness levels, and watching what I ate. I tried varying my carbohydrate consumption throughout the day, splitting meals into two, and adding a lot more variety to my diet.

Next thing you know – wow! My weight melted off, my metabolism shot up, and my body felt great! I truly had realized my Fat Loss Threshold, and life was getting easier again. My toys and gadgets seemed to be more fun, and the view outside my bedroom window turned sunny and beautiful once again.

My educational and career aspirations started to all fall into place, and people began treating me better everywhere I went. This was, in effect, the best feeling of my life…

The good news: It only got better… and better… and better.

I believe my current reality has a lot to do with that one decision, the decision to think about fat loss as a threshold, a momentary truth where all disciplines must fall into place and guide success naturally. I was really happy to learn how much easier goals are to reach when taking this approach, and I hope that reading this article will save you time and grief that I once experienced unnecessarily until I understood.

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