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‘Expectation’ creates frustration.
Expectations make you fat, old, and tired; getting rid of expectations makes you happy, fulfilled, and loving. Choosing to believe someone owes you something, or should do something for you will lead to modest satisfaction when done, a hyper-critical eye, and regular disappointment when it’s not done.

The do-gooder will never live up to potential, and you’ll constantly find yourself frustrated, angry, resentful, or dismissive.

Yet, I allow myself to feel ‘frustration from expectation’ at times, and it never seems like the right call in hindsight.

Knowing that patience is an ongoing lesson for me right now, I simply follow these steps to I feel frustrated, let down, or disrespected:
  • Identify I had an expectation that led to how I feel.
  • Remind myself that I’m learning patience.
  • Think of a way to get the result I want without having an expectation (likely, doing it myself)
  • Accept that doing it myself or getting it done another way preserves health, relationships, and love.
  • Choose the path that preserves health, relationships, and love.
Today’s lesson:

Next time you find yourself frustrated with someone, consider whether or not you had an expectation and how it’s serving you. Try this exercise and see how you feel. I suspect you’ll find you’re enjoying yourself a lot more.

I’m so grateful for you,


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