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“Evolution is ‘as’ inevitable as entropy; accelerating evolution is perhaps our greatest purpose as a species.”

~ (my heart)

Even if you are the laziest person alive, your body is evolving, aging, and changing. You are advancing on this journey we call life, whether you are attempting to age backwards and heal your mind and body, or whether you are doing the opposite.

And, as a species, we are in a state of growth or decay. We are working with our planet — and that which exists beyond the realm of our capacity to think, billions or trillions of lightyears away — or we are working against our planet and the cosmos. No matter what, we are evolving.

So, if we build skyscrapers, take down forests, pollute oceans, and kill off species, we are evolving. If we take down skyscrapers, replenish Mother Nature with new trees, plants, and foliage, clean our oceans, and protect species from unnecessary death, we are evolving.

And, in either case, that which is greater than us is protected. If you think about the Universe — or more accurately the multi-verse — as a system of planets with various definitions of ‘life force’, we might be the equivalent of a healthy heart, or we might be the equivalent of a gangrenous toe. If we are the latter, we will be amputated, and the ‘body’ — or multi-verse- will survive and thrive, a bit differently than before we were cut off.

So we get a choice. As humans, we have the ability to choose wisely, to choose ourselves, and to choose health for ourselves and everything around us. Or we can choose disease — kind of like choosing to smoke cigarettes ridden with thousands of chemicals, in spite of multiple warnings — and we can turn into a form of cancer for the multi-verse.

We all know what happens when cancer spreads. And many of us realize the innate ability to heal cancer, if we change our epigenetics, or our environment to best affect our genes.

When you shift your health momentum from negative to positive — and you do so in a timely way — your healthy cells can ward off cancer, send macrophages (supercells that eat other cells) and swallow cancer before it grows. Your body is so resilient, and collectively, so are we, as a species.

First things first: we must shift the momentum of our health through epigenetics.

So, what do you think? On a planetary — and/or species level — are we moving in a positive or negative trajectory with our health? And if you thought about ‘health’ as a broader topic than your specific body, what might be needed to create a healthier ecosystem for our survival?

Might we need to:

  • breathe better air?
  • drink cleaner water?
  • capitalize off the healthiest of us and procreate more people that fall into this category?
  • take care of the weakest of us, understanding that when sick enough, we are hurting our own chances of survival by forcing reproduction out of those who are not meant to reproduce?
  • listen to our inner guidance, and learn how to turn the ‘volume’ of our intuition up?
  • share all lessons surrounding health, longevity, and prosperity with everyone we know?
  • stop making an assumption that money is the most important thing, and instead focus on the contribution we can each make with our lives, for the greatest good?
  • learn compassion and understanding for ourselves, and then outward to our families, friends, and anyone else we know?
  • take quick and decisive action to improve health — on a planetary and species level — in order to prevent ourselves from becoming the gangrene (diseased-bodypart) equivalent?

Personally, I am in a state of constant flux between creating dreams, visions, and goals, and then dynamically adjusting them to suit life as it happens. I recognize that what I know today is a fraction of what I’ll know in a month, year, or decade. And, in recognizing this truth, I must be real with myself to understand that my decisions — and the outcomes of my decisions — will not be what I predict them to be today.

I understand that my life 5 years ago was unpredictable to what it is today, in spite of my best attempt to set 5 and 10 year goals. And I understand that as I evolve, so do others. And when we both evolve, this means there are more factors to consider, and a new perspective I may see.

So while my life is in a constant state of flux, I honor what is true to heart: purity, in the sense that I will always do my best to care for myself, those I love, and everyone and everything else I encounter along my journey.

I remain true, true to me, and true to everything I understand to be for the greatest good. And, with each day that passes, I stand tall, humble, and ready to make changes.

Today’s thought exercise

If you revisit your life — and the goals you had a few years ago — what might you change immediately, based upon what has already changed? And how might this decision help the greater good, instead of being mono-focused on just yourself?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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