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Consider this: life is finite; existence may be eternal.
If you are eternal — and every decision you make now affects your future existence — would you choose to work through any perceived imperfections or continue to procrastinate living in a more conscious way? I suppose if you knew holding a grudge now — feeling helpless instead of asking for help/support from above, or thinking of yourself as ‘not enough’ — would chase you for thousands and thousands of years until you learned your lesson, you might decide differently.

So, I pose the question: are you ‘sure’ that your soul does not live on?

Are you sure — independent of your religious belief — that you don’t go on to wherever you go (albeit Heaven or otherwise) and then eventually return for another round of life here on Earth? And if you might in fact come back for more, wouldn’t it make sense that you’ll continue to learn all lessons as intended?

Assuming you are here for a purpose — and understanding you have a mind capable of making independent decisions — I would imagine your soul sees it’s purpose being accomplished, inevitably; and I would imagine your ‘human’ sees multiple ways of avoiding, procrastinating, endorsing, or being half-in, half-out. And depending upon the choices you make, you will either be living in accordance with your soul’s wishes, or outside of them.

Now, if you had to guess, do you suspect you’ll have a better life while living within the mission of your soul, or do you think ‘disobeying’ your soul and letting your mind take control will result in a better life?

If we relinquish control and choose the belief that we are here for a reason — a supported reason — we get to relax. Decisions become more clear, and we begin to look and feel inside and outside of our bodies for clues that we are moving in a soul-supported life direction. Sure, we lose the ability to be the ‘boss’, but were you ever really the boss to begin with?

By following your soul’s mission, you’ll encounter challenges, absolutely. Your soul will guide you through life’s challenges and obstacles to show you subconscious beliefs and patterns you’ve picked up that have prevented you from seeing and thinking clearly, or receiving easily. In fact, it’s distinctly possible that you’ve created enough distortion in the messaging from above that you can barely hear or take notice. In order to get through your ‘clearing’, you’ll have to revisit all of your triggers, what made you cloudy to begin with, and then replace non-serving beliefs with new ones.

To say it bluntly, you have your work cut out for you. And you can choose to dodge it, for now. Remember your soul sees your mission as non-negotiable, so would you rather get through the worst of it now and live a happy life/existence, or procrastinate and live in self-perceived misery?

Today’s thought exercise:

If you think about your life as multiple lifetimes — all with an intended purpose — what steps might you take in this lifetime to create a better future for yourself? And how might this change your decision-making surrounding what ‘leaving a legacy’ means and how you might exemplify ‘living’ at every stage of your life?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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