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Epiphany: our ‘purpose’ is to enjoy our lives.

How you feel when you do something determines if you’re here to do it or if you’re doing something you are not here to do. It’s that simple.

This means at certain times, we’ll enjoy our lives more by playing. At other times, we’ll take more enjoyment from acts of altruism, career achievement, or love. During each phase of our lives, we may shift focus from one area to another, but the driver remains the same: enjoy.

If we accept that life is supposed to be enjoyable, and in fact our purpose on this planet is to enjoy life, then everything changes. You might be wondering if this means you can act selfishly, hurt others, or abandon responsibility. In fact, none of those acts are enjoyable.

True enjoyment comes from experiences that are fulfilling, not decisions that leave you feeling empty. This means the higher state of mind you achieve, the more you get to enjoy life. This means having love in your life provides greater joy than without. Enjoyment comes from making a difference in the lives of others, while being curious and adventurous. Enjoying your life means taking the highest road and reaping the rewards.

At first glance, it seems it might be fun to:

  • Eat pizza
  • Drink alcohol
  • Do drugs
  • Sleep around
  • etc.
Yet, each of these ideas leads to short-term fun and long-term misery. By choosing toxic foods for your body, like pizza, you are upsetting your gut, hormonal balance, and body image. Through digestion and hormonal regulation, your body learns pizza was short-term fun, but not true enjoyment. And, as much as I like pizza, I have to admit it leads to bloating, gas, and a lower mood to follow. Plus, I don’t particularly like it when I glance in the mirror and have lost definition because I decided to ‘cheat’ the night before.

The same could be said for drinking, drugs, and promiscuous sex. Each of these actions can be extremely fun in the moment, but messing with our brains and bodies doesn’t lead to a happy life over time. Instead, it leads to addiction, disease, and brain fog.

On the other hand, we take great enjoyment from helping a loved one, choosing a career path that is giving back, spending time improving health, laughing, and loving. With bliss as our center point, life decisions become easy, and the pressure goes away.

Think about how great you feel when you’re in bliss. Some might say it feels like heaven on Earth. Well, if heaven is the goal, why not try to feel that way during your entire existence?

The rules for getting to heaven in the afterlife are perhaps the same as feeling like you’re living in it during your life:

  • Treat others with kindness and love.
  • Choose the highest road.
  • Help other people.
  • Be honest, respectful, and trustworthy.
  • etc.

So, the next time you’re tempted by a craving, situation, or action that leads to anything besides long-term life enjoyment, I challenge you to rethink your decision. Keep the end in mind, and you’ll enjoy the ride along the way.

I’m so grateful for you,


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