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How you feel reverberates off everyone in your surroundings.

Want proof? Think about some real life examples:

  • If you’re super angry and walk into a room, everyone can feel you.
  • If you’ve walked into a room after a couple was fighting, it feels like you can cut the tension with a knife.
  • If you know someone who feels like a lightbulb when you see them, you’ve experienced how they can light up a room and suddenly everyone is talking, laughing, and having a great time.

These are three rather extreme examples. But, if we can feel someone with an extreme emotion, it’s distinctly possible we have the ability to ‘feel’ them at a sub-sensory level during normal, everyday interactions.

This means, if we’re feeling sad, happy, anxious, depressed, or loving, we’re transmitting energy to the people around us, and they are reacting to it at a subconscious level. Effectively, every time we feel a certain way, there is an action-reaction scenario taking place amongst the people, plants, and animals around us.

This level of connectedness might span a few feet, miles, or many lightyears. However far, we’re not completely sure, but we can theorize we’re all connected in a way that’s easy to observe and hard to explain.

So, the next time you notice someone in your environment acting in a way that doesn’t please you, consider ‘your’ role, rather than theirs.

By changing how you feel, your environment will also change, and others will act differently.
  • If your son or daughter is misbehaving, re-connect.
  • If your spouse or loved one is being a bit short-tempered, it’s time to reset.
  • If your flowers, plants or trees are suffering, consider how you’ve felt recently when you’ve been nearby.

Today’s lesson: take credit for the influence you have upon others, whether good or bad. Own your emotions and watch your environment change, based upon the energy you project.

I’m so grateful for you,


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