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Today’s message is infused with energetics intended to help you heal, feel your best, and contagiously affect the rest of the world with your radiating heart and glowing eyes.
Imagine yourself looking in a mirror and saying “I love you”.
Now, take a step back and imagine you’re watching yourself look in the mirror and saying “I love you”. Again, take a step back and this time see yourself flying over your house, peering through your transparent rooftop, and seeing everything going on in your home, whilst you’re still looking in the mirror and showing love for yourself.
Do this again and again:
  • Hovering over your entire neighborhood/community
  • From even higher up, seeing your entire county/state/country
  • And one more time, from above planet Earth, looking down on the globe that represents our planet, with a telescope that allows you to see each little action taking place and watch yourself as you profess love to the one and only you.
  • Finally, take an even larger step back, from the depths of space, in another galaxy, and see this image one more time.

As you begin watching and listening to yourself, you’ll gain a sense you can be heard from anywhere, at any time. Your love is limitless, and the voice of your soul carries beyond any distance you see, generally think about, or conceive.

You have the ability to gain a higher perspective by taking a step back, again and again. Similarly, you can send intention through the ethers of the internet, email, phone, or simply through thought. This is called ‘energetics’ and it’s perhaps the newest, oldest, and most exciting aspect of health.

I’m currently on a healer’s retreat in Bali, and I’m working with health leaders from across the world. We’ve joined forces to help enlighten humanity as to what’s possible for improving health, and how much control you have in health through your belief system and intentions.

At a higher level, long-distance health through energetics has been discussed. There is documented case after case of someone across a state, country, or planet healing through intention and energetics, even in the most extreme of cases.

You might remember when I reached out to hundreds of thousands of you and asked for your prayers. You might remember I was told I was dying that day, and for several days before. The day I reached out to you, I was down 44 pounds, a fraction of my former self, and on my last leg. It was through ‘your’ combined intention that I miraculously turned around and began recovering the very next day.

Since then, I’ve asked some important questions, learned from transformational health leaders, and stepped outside of my comfort zone in health. I’ve tied together pieces most western doctors haven’t been willing to visit because they don’t match science, as science stands today. And, I’ve initiated a conversation between east and west, science and know-how, and love and intention. To say the least, doctors are listening, and so are hundreds of thousands of other people, just like you.

In the last 2 years, our health following has more than quadrupled, our reach has grown much more than that, and our ability to heal others has exponentially increased in potential. I say this with complete humility; I’m not special. I’m here to be a messenger, to bridge communication, and be here for you — now.

And without the phenomenal team that comprises our company, there’s no way I could do it. The point of all this is: collective consciousness wins.

Collective consciousness — harnessed through mutual intention to improve/solve world health — is the key to creating change on a global level. Humans are sick. Over half of us suffer from some form of chronic pain or disease, and people are actively seeking a solution.

Consider this: perhaps, instead of seeking a solution, we can intend to understand the solution.

Through our mutual intention to end disease, create health, and permeate happiness, we will win. When we, as a planet, decide disease is over, it is.

And when we send each other ‘good vibes’ full of laughter, joy, health, and vitality, they are received. Please ask yourself the following questions, before you rationalize whether or not you believe this is true:

  • How does a school of fish — constituted of thousands and thousands of fish — move in sync, dodge any predator, and rejoin effortlessly; with a brain that’s a fraction the size of ours?
  • How could 70+% of American adults (at the time) feel they were the ones who invented the squeezable ketchup bottle?
  • Why does miraculous healing occur?
  • Why is it that there are cultures of the world who — instead of surgery — stand around a patient with a collective group of ‘energy/spirit masters’ and focus on the patient returning to normal health? (and it seems to work at least as well)
  • What else might be possible, when we join forces and begin to realize we’re all part of the same mini-bubble that is our planet… a tiny portion of the cosmos, that when put into perspective, downsizes us to be a fraction of the size of an ant?
Today’s lesson:
Consider what’s possible when you revisit the ‘impossible’ and assume that it’s not based upon fact. Consider what’s possible when we join forces, collectively intend upon an ideal, and figuratively hold hands, as an entire planet. Consider what happens when you abandon disbelief and begin with you.

I’m here for you — and with you — as I always have been.

Sent to you with love and compassion,


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