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I strive, therefore I ‘flourish’.

On each occasion – when given the opportunity to grow – I recommend you grow. Expansion, by definition, means you’ll leave your comfort zone. In the process, you’ll feel discomfort, you may consider quitting or redirecting course, and you may question yourself and your decision-making skills; nonetheless, it’s through the exercise in uncertainty you’ll gain more life perspective and a greater existence.

There is great peace in satisfaction for life. However, please do not confuse ‘acceptance’ for ‘complacency’. If you consider human beings at a biological level, we are meant to grow, plateau, and then decay and die. Our life cycle is natural, and it has many lessons for us.

You see, if you’re not growing, this leaves ‘plateau’ or ‘die’ as the remaining options. Your body – and mind – know when they are stimulated, curious, and forward-bound. During a growth phase, your body prepares for reproduction through hormonal stability, outward strength, inward enthusiasm, and improved physical health.

The opposite is also true; when your body believes it is no longer growing, it stops flourishing and begins to ‘decay and die’. Responses may include hormonal fluctuation, decreased joint range of motion/rigidity, and loss of faculties, like bowel, bladder, arousal, eyesight, and hearing. Often times – much like many people’s perspectives on life – we feel victims to our bodies; we feel our bodies are choosing how long we get to live, and with what degree of a quality of life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, 95% of your health is determined by the choices you make, rather than your genes, or some biological clock for self-destruction.

This means every time you choose to nourish your body, you are signaling it to grow. This means every time your body feels a bit stiff and you loosen that particular area – getting your body moving symmetrically – you are signaling growth. By choosing to have conversations with people who value you, love you, and appreciate you, you are allowing yourself to exist in a perpetual cycle of reinforced self-love. The very same qualities you love about yourself are being reinforced on a daily basis by those whom love you, all because you were selective with your relationships.

The choices you make are a communication strategy for your body; your body communicates in return by signaling growth or decay, ultimately manifesting as an improvement or decline in health.

If you eat food your body likes, you’ll have a great poop. If you eat food your body ‘normally’ likes, but you’re all worked up, your poop might look a bit different. This is your body telling you to pay attention to how you feel while digesting food, rather than the food itself. If you get super sore from exercise, your body is letting you know it’s time to rest. If you continue to push, you’re bound to tear something and be forced to rest; when you rest, your body heals and grows, or says ‘thanks for listening’.

Is this making sense? It’s my hope you ‘really’ let this sink in: you are making a choice – right now – to ‘elevate’ or ‘die’. Now that you realize this, which will you choose?

Today’s thought exercise:

If we are constantly in a state of self-communication, what are you telling your body – and mind – right now? And what is it attempting to tell you, if you stop, listen, and pay attention?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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