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Sometimes, we feel a ‘charge’ when we’re with someone. It can be positive or negative, but we can ‘feel’ them. Between couples, this is referred to as “chemistry”, and it often can be the determining factor of whether or not a relationship survives.

Yet, in platonic relationships it’s uncommon to consider the ‘chemistry’ we have with another person. This doesn’t mean we want to be sexually intimate with the other person, but if we feel good when we are around them, that’s important to realize; conversely, the reverse is also true.

When two people bond — through physical contact, or through emotional, spiritual, or psychological bonding — there is a permanent connection between these two people. So, if you meet someone and have a conversation, your atoms are now bound.

If you enjoyed your conversation and interaction, you’ve left a positive impression on their cells, an they have left a positive impression on yours. On the other hand, if you’re feeling upset, anxious, or uncomfortable, the impression you left has been negative, and it’s affected you in a negative way as well.

Similarly, whenever you’re involved in an eye-opening conversation and help someone shift a belief that has been causing a negative ripple in their lives, you are helping them shift this belief in all relationships. Because they share the same bond they have with you, but in other relationships, you are impacting other people by helping your new friend.

So, let’s be cognizant of our interactions, the cellular memory that forms, and the fact that we are actually changing this person for the positive or negative depending upon how we react. If you want a person who is nasty to be nicer to others in the future, leave them with some positivity; if you want them to be nastier, simply add to their misery and they are bound to get worse.

You have a choice. You affect others. Your actions, words, thoughts, and intentions leave a measurable impact on the people with whom you associate, as well as the people with whom they associate.

I’m so grateful for you,


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