Education Revisited

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Education Revisited:
Brain, Body, Planet, Co-Existence

I suggest we take a fresh look at our education system. Instead of teaching:

  1. Math
  2. Science
  3. History
  4. Literature

Why aren’t we focused on survival and optimization of the human species? After all, it stands to argue our real ‘purpose’ on this planet is to survive.

You see, every ‘other’ species on Earth seeks survival of the species, focuses on that single goal, and lives as long as possible. As humans, we manage to overlook this important goal due to our success as a species to-date. Yet, a focus on survival is precisely how we became the most abundant species on Earth.

I suggest we take another look, re-design education, and create a better school system.

Instead of studying subjects and topics that ultimately are forgotten as we grow older, I propose we re-do our school system to study:

  1. Brain
  2. Body
  3. Planet
  4. Co-existence

In doing so, we can still teach many of the important topics that have an impact on our careers, success within our families, and ability to communicate. Let’s take a closer look at each of the four topics above, and how each one can be sub-divided to give us the ‘core’ content we need for our society, but with a shifted focus and purpose to improve survival of the species:

  • Math — focuses on analytical skills, rudamentary mathematics to be able to add, subtract, divide, multiply, etc., and memorization skills.
  • Science — focuses on ‘how’ things work, ability to recognize patterns and learning curves from our predecessors, and higher order thinking.
  • History — focuses on understanding ‘who’ we are, based upon past actions of our ancestors, ‘what’ happened that led to our current state of existence, and assumes we can foreshadow what’s to come as a result of what’s happened already.
  • Literature — focuses on our ability to read, write, and communicate effectively, amongst humans.

So, instead of losing these core topics and skills, why not build this into a more ‘sensible’ school system? Let’s take another look at our ‘new’ topics, and see how it all fits in:*

Brain* — divide by lobe or section of the brain:
  • Frontal lobe — higher order thinking, movement planning, movement execution
  • Temporal lobe — auditory sense / hearing
  • Occipital lobe — vision
  • Parietal lobe — sensation and sensory integration (processing vision, hearing, touch)
  • Corpus callosum — olfactory, or smell; primitive memory and imprinting
  • Language comprehension / acquisition
  • Language communication / expression

*NOTE: For the neuroscientists out there, please forgive this elementary division of brain and body, although my intention is to create clear delineation for the purpose of teaching at all levels and ages. I am open to re-categorization and only mean to start the conversation.

Body — divide by function, as it relates to survival:
  • Nervous system/Emotional state
  • Digestive system/Nutrition
  • Endocrine system/Hormonal regulation
  • Respiratory system/Breathing
  • Lymphatic system/Healing/Immune health
  • Integumentary system/Skincare
  • Skeletal system/Bone health
  • Circulatory system/Blood health
  • Muscular system/Muscle health
  • Urinary system/Filtration
  • Excretory system/Poop health
  • Movement execution/Coordination
  • Reproduction/Sex
  • Taste

  • Geography
  • Topography
  • Earth’s resources/Geology
  • Species/Diversity
  • Culture/Sociology
  • Other planets and life potential

  • Species interplay
  • Lessons from our past (species history & projection for our future)
  • Human impact through technology and innovation (i.e. carbon imprint, ability to save or eliminate use of Earth’s resources, exploration, etc.)
  • Evolution/Evolutionary theories
  • Religion and religious impact across time
  • The role of money in society
  • Putting technology to work for-us

While studying higher order thinking, we can work on memorization skills, analytical skills, and how things work; in doing so, we’ll naturally call upon mathematical skills and facts of science that require higher thinking. While studying language comprehension and articulation, we’ll naturally call upon skills in writing, reading, vocabulary, and spoken word.

However, take a look at what else we’ll cover (and what gets eliminated that is pretty much forgotten by all of us within 5-10 years of graduation from high school.)

Instead of our current system, we’ll have an understanding of how to maintain abundance, expand and grow as a species, and increase the chances we can protect our most vital resource — Earth — while we grow. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll understand how to do this without sacrificing the life of other species.

By raising our children with the intent to protect human race, this planet, and other species, our goals become different, war no longer makes sense, and religious battles cease to exist. A new level of mutual respect, admiration, and cooperation emerges.

I propose we start a new school system, within the boundaries of what ‘home schooling’ allows, but with much more depth and purpose than most home-schooling programs. Here’s how I recommend we do that, as a starting point for this conversation:

Re-do subjects (based upon argument above).
Have the ‘best’ teacher in each topic, teach us once, and record it digitally. (example: if given the great honor, I would be happy to teach lessons on the human body, how it moves, and how it heals.)

I feel one of the sacrifices of our current home-schooling method is that parents are limited in the total amount they can teach their children, as is any person. This means the onus of responsibility to teach every subject results in fatigue by the time it comes to parenting, and is a daunting task of most people to deliver on both ends of the spectrum.
Use this digital/video-based education for lessons, but continue to have social adaptation take place through group discussion in the classroom, facilitated by ‘average’ teachers. With total respect intended, our teachers are ‘C’ students, and they are teaching us how to get ‘A’s.’ (I really value the impact some of my teachers have made in my life, and recognize this is a stereotypical statement that doesn’t apply to all teachers, and especially professors. However, it is a factual statement, based upon average academic performance of teachers in the United States.)
Take advantage of local history, museums, and school buildings to create a more profitable model and better educational experience for our students. By renting space from schools to administer content, using the tactile, visual, auditory, and experiential method of museums and local history, art, etc. we can learn more quickly, retain the information for longer, and practice the skills listed above. All the while, boosting local economies.
Allow for travel, for parents who want to show their children lessons and have the means. This would suggest the ability to sit-in on other classroom discussions, around the world, and have it count as credit for student education.

What do you think? Do you agree or prefer we maintain our current standard of education? Also, what have I missed that you feel is an important part of our education?

I am seriously considering re-vamping our education system, with a select group of individuals committed to making this world a better place, and I’d love to know if you think this is worth the massive undertaking I feel it’s worth. I would also love to know if you are interested in pursuing this with me.

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