Build Muscle & Improve Your Metabolism: 4 Awesome Techniques (Part 2)

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Today, we’re going to get into ‘Moderate Weight, High Rep, Explosive Sets’ to target your nervous system, build agility, and enhance strength. This is absolutely awesome when it comes to ‘shocking muscle into growth.’ Basically, I’m suggesting that this type of exercises requires so much focus that your body can’t help but learn to ‘auto-plan’ movements to keep up with the momentum of your exercise programs.

In DEFL 2.0, we talk about ‘Power vs Plyometrics’ in one of the fat loss webinars. Within the realm of power training, there are two main forms:

  • High rep, low-moderate resistance (good for fat loss, strength plateau, wrestlers, and tennis)
  • Low rep, high resistance (good for bulking, football linemen, pole vault) Basically, when you train with higher repetitions and less resistance, you are training for repeated power movements with sub-max force and extreme explosiveness. This is useful for targeting muscle fibers we often miss in fat loss programs, as well as targeting quicker signaling for nerve signal conduction to the muscle.

When you train low reps and high resistance with power movements, you are preparing your body for a single, explosive burst of power followed by long periods of rest. This is great for football linemen, as they have to use all of their force once, then rest a minute or five, then repeat. Whereas, a wrestler may have to repeatedly strike 100x within a wrestling match, and s/he’ll need to be able to reproduce a bunch of force several times with very little rest.

Now that you have a better understanding of high rep, low-moderate resistance training, let’s talk about how this will also build agility, or reaction time, ultimately leading to a more coordinated you.

Agility, by definition, is a very quick change in direction. The perfect sport example of this is tennis, as tennis players quickly run left or right, front or back, you get the idea…

This type of training is an important adjunct to your workout program in the long-term, but small amounts of agility can be gained right now. By training with the high rep, explosive set-up, your body is constantly reacting to a rapid change in direction and improving in this way.

Effectively, you’re feeding your nervous system, body, and brain exactly what it needs to continue to dominate it’s exercise program for life.

I’m happy for you. You’re coming so far.

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