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You are divine, no matter your religion, viewpoint, or past actions.

The only moment that matters is right now. And in ten seconds, it will be ‘that’ moment. You see, present tense is all there really is. Along the way, we have many present moments, but each one is simply the now.

History isn’t in our past… future isn’t what lies ahead. There is only more ‘now’, and along the way, this means we get a fresh start anytime we want. As confusing as this may seem, ‘time’ is a human construct. We created time, defined it by the sun setting and rising, and we use it to manage our day; other people have defined it differently, by lunar cycle, for example. Either way, time is human.

And you are so much more.

Do you believe in God? Universe? Spirit? Connectedness?

For the sake of discussion, let’s call whatever your belief is: God.

This isn’t to suggest religion is right or wrong, simply to communicate. Now, let’s take a look at religious teachings from around the world:
  • Buddhism — enlightenment — this is when a human reaches a state of divinity, or higher consciousness. By looking inward, a human gets closer.
  • Islam — paradise — this is the reward for a human who acts with the highest ethics, values, and kindness in his or her life, ultimately reaching a state of higher consciousness, appreciation, celebration, and love.
  • Christianity — heaven — Jesus, or God, takes on human form and performs many miracles, such as using healing hands, walking on water, and using compassion/empathy for human salvation. Through His teachings, humans learn how to get closer to Jesus and, one day, meet Him.
  • Judaism — Gan Eden — a place that spirits reside after death when they act with the greatest levels of kindness, generosity, and love. In this place, only the ‘best of’ humans exist, defined by how we act during our mortal lives.

In all cases, time stops and becomes eternal in this magical state of being. In all cases, we are shown examples of how humans morph into something divine, at some point in our mortal — or immortal — lives. In all cases, we are taught we are divine.

So, if we are already divine, then it stands to argue we can reach inside ourselves, touch our own “God particle”, if you will, and carry that with us every day of our lives. We can use these teachings to improve the presence of this “God particle” in our lives, by:

  • Reaching higher states of consciousness.
  • Acting with the highest level of ethics, values, and kindness.
  • Using compassion and empathy to guide us, while we do our best to help others.
  • Practicing generosity, gratitude, and love.

Whatever you want to call it, and however you choose to describe it, I believe we are learning the same thing across the world. We are learning how to get closer to our highest selves, during our lifetimes. And through this, we reach a state of pure divinity.

Instead of waiting your whole life, you have the choice to be divine now. Practice spirituality, meditate, pray, or simply practice gratitude. You make the choice. Be kind to fellow man, and treat all animals of nature as your brothers and sisters.

Consider this moment, right now, as your opportunity. And, if you don’t do so well right now, try again in 10 seconds, for you’ll be in the now once again.

As long as you live, you have an opportunity to be in the now. You have an opportunity to make it right. You have an opportunity to feel right. You have an opportunity.

It’s time to stop punishing yourself for past actions, for the past was only a moment in time, and that moment no longer exists. It’s time to stop planning to be different in the future, for when it arrives it will be another moment that feels like this one.

You have the chance to feel amazing. And you can do so now, and on the next now. And the one after that.

You are divine. No one can take this away from you, and nothing is going to change this. Whether you see yourself as God’s creation or simply human, it makes no sense to exist as less than your ideal self. Personally, if I were God, I wouldn’t create anything less than divine. And as a human, I wouldn’t either. It wouldn’t make any sense to do so… and I’ve never met a newborn baby inside of whom I didn’t find divinity.

You were born perfect, and so you are.

Stop denying yourself, live, and love who you are. You are truly wonderful.

I’m so grateful for you,


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