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Close your eyes and search inside of yourself for at least one cell — one single piece of your body — that is completely still, and completely at peace. Now, focus and watch calmness spread through your body.

You are like a magician, an alchemist, a scientist, and an artist all in one. Much like you have the ability to find ‘one calm cell’ and have it contagiously affect all the rest, you have many other abilities, as well.

For example:
  • To connect to the divine within you, simply speak/feel/see yourself while holding an intention to communicate with above, and the divine will create your mirror for communication.
  • Think of someone you love, daydream about doing something fun with them for the next 10 minutes, and then call them and ask how they are feeling and if they’ve noticed a change in their mood. You’re about to discover how much you’re affecting everyone you love, all the time.
  • Feeling low on energy? Grab a ‘chunk’ of energy from the air, put it in your mouth with the intention that it will energize you, chew it, and then swallow. How do you feel?
  • Put your hands on your heart, think about love, and lay on your back. Let your breath go. Notice how quickly you’re able to achieve a state of calmness, no matter how excited or busy you were just a moment ago. It’s pretty incredible; you have the ability to heal your own body.

Actually, there’s no limit to what you can or cannot do. Boundaries are ‘comfort zones’ and nothing more. The Universe we live in is ever expansive, and it’s an example of all that is and all that can be.

Instead of using your body in ‘normal’ ways, think outside the box.

How else can your body and brain be used that no one else has discovered? And if ‘intention’ creates reality — as demonstrated in the examples above — what distinction is there between imagination and ‘reality’?

Today’s thought exercise:

In a world where thoughts create feelings — and feelings create reality — what types of thoughts do you choose?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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