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Set goal. Reach goal. Celebrate. Repeat.
If life is about the chase — rather than the catch — then what will you chase and ‘how’ will you chase it? Will you chase materialistic objects as your primary concern? Will you chase experiences, above all else? Making an impact? Changing the world? Love?

Whatever you choose, remember when you reach your goals to celebrate. Remember that whatever you set your mind — and heart — to is beautiful, and the idea of ‘winning’ is merely perception, so you may as well feel like you’re winning right now.

Enjoy this moment, and distinguish yourself by doing so.

Rather than competing for goals someone else set for her life, compete with yourself to enjoy each moment more than your last. Find accomplishment in loving the process, rather than a brief moment of triumph as you reach your outcome.

Instead of comparing yourself to the Jones’ and rating your level of success in life based upon the type of car you drive, how big of a house you live in, and whether or not you get invited to ‘prestigious’ parties, consider rating the success of your life on your mood. And your health, within your capacity to be healthy.

How do you feel?

For if you feel incredible, you’re already successful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bit hungry, because you feel great. It doesn’t matter if your clothes aren’t the sharpest, because you feel amazing. It doesn’t matter if someone talks down to you, mistreats you, or compromises your position at work, because you feel secure in your own sensation of feeling great.

You see, everything you ‘chase’ in life is about a feeling. It’s about how you’ll feel when you get ‘x, y, z’, because you’ve shifted your perspective to assign meaning to accomplishing this goal. If you get a new car, this means you’re doing a great job at work, which means you’re a great provider for your family. If you lose weight, you’ll like the way you look in the mirror and smile more often. If you get out of pain, you’ll have more energy to get through your day; or, in other words, you’ll feel better.

So, what happens if we shortcut the process and go right to ‘feeling’ as the goal? How many other goals are still left?

Today’s thought exercise

— Try this experiment: while looking at yourself in the mirror, smile as big as you can for the next 60 seconds. Only stop when you start to giggle.

How do you feel? And when you shift your goals to be about ‘feeling great’, instead of ‘achieving/buying something to feel great’, what other experiments like this might you run?

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