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Discover your: self, environment, relationships, spirituality, and purpose.

Use hope as a vehicle for self-discovery, curiosity as a medium to explore the world in which you live, love as the ‘only’ communication strategy for your relationships, faith as an exercise to discover peace within yourself, and passion to explore your purpose in life.

Whatever you do, never stop discovering. Find the 3 year old inside of you, look at people, animals, plants, and other things you already ‘think’ you understand, consider them once again, and question what you see.

Ask questions. Ask yourself, ask others, and ask yourself again.

Find answers through following your intuition, listening more than you speak, and honoring what you know to be true to heart. Establish guidelines for what you feel is right or wrong, then abandon them and see what happens. Test boundaries by removing them and replacing them where you think they might belong next. Break the rules, so long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else. Anything ‘new’ results from the untested, unbound, and under-explored.

Question everything; not in a negative way, but through curiosity instead.

Focus on experience, not money, objects, or toys. Learn to experience through love, and gauge how ‘full’ your love tank is at any moment. When you need it topped off, go back in your memory bank to a loving experience, and use all five senses to integrate it into the now. See it, smell it, hear what was going on, feel the temperature on your skin, and taste the air on your tongue. Focus, for you’re in love once again.

Now, look up and see the world differently; you have a fresh perspective, and you’re blinders are off. You’re able to see those around you with love, experience life — and this moment — with a balanced perspective, and feel incredible independent of outcome.

The only thing holding you back from feeling incredible right now is you. You are powerful, and you can make a decision to see the world through a child’s eyes once again. Before you learned the rules, there weren’t any. Before you knew how to speak, you felt. Before you were burnt by relationships, you opened your heart to everyone. Before you walked, you watched and listened.

Discover. Experience. Watch. Listen. Join others. Share. Love. Laugh. Be.

I’m so grateful for you,


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