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Why is mass death — and devastation — so sad?

Let’s say for a moment Heaven is absolutely real, it’s what happens when you die, and your spirit goes on. Well, if that’s the case, are there a finite number of spirits? Does Heaven represent infinite space and every spirit only gets ‘one’ chance at life? Or do you hang out in Heaven for awhile, only to get bored and want to go back to ‘life’ and play again?

In life, it seems there are ‘old souls’ and ‘young souls’, in that some people seem to have wisdom as children and others live their entire lives in the same environment, yet seemingly inexperienced; or less evolved in thought and feeling. You may know a few people who seem to have all the answers, a greater understanding of the world around them, or a higher level of consciousness; for me, this suggests spirits return for another go.

No matter how I wrap my head around it, if Heaven exists, then — at some point — spirits like to come back to play. And this seems to explain my life experience of meeting people who seem more evolved than others in their thoughts, consciousness, and feelings.

Ok, now for the non-religious, or those who do not believe in Heaven.

There are two leftover scenarios:
  • Scenario #1: You die and nothing happens.
  • Scenario #2: You die and your spirit goes on, but there’s no such thing as Heaven.

In scenario #1, life is truly over. For those you leave behind and will never see again, this is very sad and final. For you, it’s no big deal, because when you’re dead, you’ll have no opinion about the situation since you’ll be dead.

In scenario #2, if there’s no specific ‘location’ called Heaven, then the likelihood is Heaven is everywhere. The only difference between life and death would be the ability to perceive Heaven, which comes down to a state of being. In spirit form, it’s often said we are nothing but love and bliss, in the form of energy or light. So, once we are pure spirit, we would feel Heaven everywhere, and we’d understand this state-of-mind (and consciousness) is possible while alive, as well. So, more than likely, we’d want to go back and “play” — with another incarnation — sometime soon again.

So, where does this leave us with the concept of devastation? We’re talking about a horrific event that kills thousands or tens of thousands of people, albeit through nature or as a result of human effort.

We’ve been taught to believe an act of terrorism, mass murder, or persecution is the worst possible act. It’s horrible, sad, and awful. Right?

Or are we simply ‘forgetting how to feel love and bliss’ during confusing life events?

When we love someone, we feel bound to them on a soul level; something deep, hard to describe, and beyond our feelings in the moment. It’s something that calls us back to a relationship, in spite of awkward circumstances or challenges which may occur. Love is a feeling that seems ‘beyond’ human.

Then, we lose this person, in their human form. And we no longer can speak to them in the same way we have, see them, or hug them. Our tangible senses no longer understand how to interact with the soul we have learned to love.

Consciously, we decide we’ve lost them entirely, we become extremely sad, and we may even become depressed. Subconsciously, our minds remember we are spirits and our experiences are greater than one lifetime. If we shift our focus from ‘conscious’ to ‘subconscious’, our souls have the ability to guide us back towards love, and we can feel reconnected. When we feel reconnected, tragic life events no longer seem to mean as much.

For our souls, life was simply another incarnation; for our bodies, it was an abrupt and unanticipated end. In the event there is no such thing as a soul, then the connection we had was ‘only human’, which means the loss is real.

But, if the loss is real — and life really ends when our bodies cease to exist — then is it worth wasting another moment with less than your ideal life experience, feeling, and state-of-mind? That would be like ‘fully alive suicide’, because you’d be ruining your life experience, which is finite, and then it would end.

Today’s thought exercise:

What is your life strategy for death and devastation?
Since it’s bound to happen in your lifetime, what are your beliefs surrounding what this means for you and your life, how it all works, and whether or not it’s worth wasting (insert # of days, months, or years) to feel good again?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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