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Imagine this: 84% of humanity — and all of our creations — get destroyed tomorrow.

Now, ask yourself some questions:

  • If survival were based upon purity of mind, location, and maintaining a state of love in our minds and hearts, would you make it?
  • If you were to make it, would your family? And if not, how might you be able to be the light that guides them, helps them create purity, and helps them realize more love in their lives?
  • What about your friends? If it all ended tomorrow, would they have peace of mind to move onto the next world? Would your friends make it?

Someone out there wants the world to burn; and it’s more than one somebody. Terrorists have the capability to wage war on nations that possess nuclear technology, and they are so confused they may just do so.

This isn’t meant to scare you. This is to be real with the times and the opportunity we have to re-center our efforts. You see, if we allow ourselves to be guided into doing what we are here to do, we come together as a community, and we end the cycle of ‘me first’ and the greed that goes with it, our chances of survival skyrocket.

On the other hand, if we continue to want ‘more for me’ and ‘less for you’, then we exist in a world of scarcity, fear, and war. We persist in a threatened state, and we spread hatred.

If we choose our highest path, follow our inner guidance, and do what we are made to do, we serve one another and ourselves. We set an example for the future of humanity and the generations underneath us; qualms we have with one another lose importance.

First, we must become aware we have a choice. Will we compete with the “Jones”, aspiring for the highest salary and second-guessing one another’s abilities? Or will we move on from the societal model and begin to trust ourselves and a higher purpose for our existence?

Ask yourself: why are you here and what will you do about it?

For in this answer lies serenity, love, and the desire to contribute. When we all take a ‘new’ (actually ancient) approach to life and honor our unique abilities, world perspective shifts and concepts of war no longer make sense. Territorial battles, religious vengeance, and the concept of super-power goes away.

Are you ready to give up everything you’ve worked for to live a better life? To save those you love? And to be true to your heart?

For in your readiness lies the ability to live your ideal life. You’ll have to trust to get there, and you’ll have to believe you are taken care of when you follow your path; when you stop competing, your life improves.

This model for life removes feelings of injustice, persecution, and rage from society. We come together, because that ‘is’ the highest good.

You are a human being. So am I. That makes it ‘our’ responsibility to care for one another and ensure the survival of the generations below us.

The next time you look at your child, nephew, or niece, remember they are trusting you to do the right thing. They are wishing you choose against destruction and for a better life for them. They have faith in you, and they will follow your actions.

The economical model is our best attempt at life so far. Yet, that doesn’t mean we lack room to grow and flourish with another model: a contribution society.

Today’s thought exercise:

If a contribution society existed today, what would be your role? What would you be so good at that everyone would want/need your help? And do you think anyone would be designed to destroy?

Destructions seems silly when we put it into perspective, and when we assign purpose. Doesn’t it?!

I love you, and I’m grateful for you.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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