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This is your moment of truth.

Right here, right now, you decide. Reach deep inside, make a decision, and consciously recognize the reality in front of you is the one you’ve chosen.

If never before did you know you were co-creating your life, you do now. If never before did you know you were in charge of your reality, now you do.

If you believed the world happened to you, and now you have to admit the pain, suffering, and disease that ‘happened’ to you may have been a lesson meant for-you, this may be difficult. I say this not without compassion, but in your best interest.

I say this out of experience.

Medically speaking, there is no explanation for my intestinal perforation that led to sepsis and multiple organ failure. However, I wasn’t listening to my gut.

I put so much pressure on myself to perform at an impossible standard. I was bound to burst. Everyone who does this pops, but I thought I was different.

I was asking to slow down. I was asking to learn how to listen to my intuition. I was asking to figure out the missing pieces of health and help more people, in a way that would actually make a big difference. You see, I asked for my health issues in some sort of weird way.

And when I took responsibility for asking, as I have for any financial, relationship, communication, or other health issue I’ve experienced, the empowerment has been nothing short of amazing.

Your life — and your quality of life — are a choice you make with each action, thought, behavior, and interaction. Theory is great, but in practicality, how would you rate the choices you’re making?

Honestly speaking (this is only for you), on a scale of 0 to 10, where:

0 = I don’t make this a priority
10 = I make this a top priority

in the following categories, please rate yourself:
  • Love — are you the most loving person you know, and if not, why not be?
  • Integrity — is your word your highest currency? And do you honor others’ feelings and experiences as much as your own?
  • Friendship — do you redefine loyalty?
  • Altruism/Giving — are you generous with your time, skills, and abilities, in order to help others and pay forward the great gifts you’ve been given in life?
  • Contribution — do you consider the impact you make on a daily basis, albeit in your household, community, city, state, country, or in the world? And do you take action to make a positive contribution, in whichever form you wish to be your legacy?
  • Fun — do you make ‘fun’ a priority? Do you often take time to laugh, either at situations, yourself, or with close friends and family?

When you wake up in the morning and get ready for your day, you make a choice. Choose if you wish to amaze yourself today. Choose if you wish to set a new personal record in whatever you do. Choose if you wish to be happier today than you’ve ever been before. Choose.

Once you really decide, will-power isn’t even a consideration. Think about it in any other life scenario:

  • If you think it’s worth saving a few cents per gallon to get gas a couple miles down the road, there’s no convincing you…
  • If you have a morning routine, you probably don’t like it being thrown off for just about anything…
  • If you have a favorite political party, you might defend it with your heart…
  • If you’re pro or against abortion, you probably have a very firm stance…
  • And if you’re very religious, then your views are probably important to you and it wouldn’t be very easy to sway you if someone tried…

Because once you decide, it’s game-over.

Your mind has great power. In order to use your mind to your advantage, you must recognize the power of decision-making. Do whatever it takes to create rationale your mind believes to take action and live your best life. It’s that simple.

So, today, my wish for you to is to decide. Decide on your best life. Decide your thoughts count. And decide the feeling you have inside is your world on the outside; change the feeling and change your world.

Today’s thought exercise:

What if today were the last day you ever had to choose your reality, would you let is pass by and keep things the way they are, or would you choose something different? And if you’d choose something different, why not make that choice today and see what happens?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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