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Have you ever missed someone while they were alive?

Well, all you had to do was call, and they were right there. Accessible. Alive. Vocal. Enthusiastic. And, they could tell you they missed you back.

How about after death? How does that part work?

When I almost died, I wanted my family and friends to move on and live. Really live, and that means being filled with love.

As I celebrate the birthday of my best childhood friend who died not long ago, I think of you. I send you love. I call upon him, let him know I’m here with him, and I love him.

Chills are being sent down my spine. In fact, each time I think of Joe, the same thing happens. His spirit overtakes me, and I know he’s listening, responding, and filling my heart with love.

There is no one on this planet quite like Joe, but that’s what makes it so cool he’s gone. As much as I miss him, he’s here with me all the time — in a new way — and more loving than ever.

You see, all I have to do is channel my happiest memories with Joe and call upon him. I ask for his love and send him love right back. Except now, I ask him to help me spread love as far and wide as it can reach. He’s tapped into something special: the universe, God, or all of the above.

However it works after death, no matter your belief system, one idea seems accepted: the spirit goes on.

Joe has been elevated to a higher level, a place of pure love, and he exists in all there is, and all the lives he’s touched. When he first died, I thought I ‘lost’ him. Now, I realize he’s so much closer to me than ever.

He was my best friend in life; but, now he’s my best buddy for eternity.

When I feel sad, it distances him; when I feel love, he’s always there. He steers me in the right direction, guides me to write these loving words to you, and he helps me every time I heal a patient.

When I play with my son and see sweet innocence, and a true spirit of life, it’s Joe who is looking over my shoulder, smiling, and laughing with us. And, as life goes on, and I lose more people who are so very dear to me, my ‘clan’ will grow. We’ll share more happy memories together.

I felt this years ago when I lost my grandmother; every time I took a shower, she was there. She still is. Somehow, the water — and the joy of refreshing myself and starting anew — channels her. She’s omnipresent, in a way that’s difficult to describe, but easy to feel.

Today, I honor the “dead”. I open my heart. I let love in. And, instead of denying the people of my past or mourning them, I celebrate with them.

Life is short; eternity is forever.

Until we meet in spirit form again, I choose to do what Joe and my grandmother no longer can: experience.

This is their wish for me. They want me to love. They want me to be fully me. They want me to enjoy each minute on this Earth. They want me to be happy. They wish for me to experience — all emotions, all feelings — especially love.

Joe, Grandmamary — I honor you. I love you.

And with these words, I send your blessings and love as far and wide as they can reach. Thank you for always being here for me, especially now.

Please understand how much you’re loved. I am with you, and you are with me. Love is so beautiful.

Today’s lesson:
Instead of mourning, find happy memories and feel love instead. You might just find you have company; the most perfect kind.

I’m so grateful for you,


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