Culture First, Life Second

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An Unusual Outlook On Why We Make Decisions, How To Lose Weight, & Happiness

Rise above and move or settle at home. That’s our generation, and our life.

In large respect, we are victims of circumstance more than ever before. We have the capability to compete for any job, worldwide, through the strides in assimilation made by the internet; yet, we are forced to make impossible choices like leaving family for wealth or staying at home for misery.

My recommendation, although none is ideal, is that you choose culture first. If you find a culture that you subscribe to, no matter where the location, you can form the feeling of family. Ideally, you find a place for your family to reside, and you begin again.

For a long time, I lived in an area where I simply didn’t see eye-to-eye with everyone around me. I knew that the belief system wasn’t congruent to my lifestyle, but I didn’t do anything about it. The funny thing is, moving to a place where minds were open changed my scope on life.

I had to find a culture that wanted to think ‘my way.’ Not out of ignorance, greed, or ego.. instead, this is out of generational survival strategy. In today’s world, we flood every city and suburb with capable individuals from all over the world. The real game is finding a place that you ‘fit in,’ where you can ‘flourish,’ as Socrates said.

“Flourishing” is the act of existing in such a positive state that all seems to accommodate your existence.

I recommend you flourish. Remember, flourishing is a product of what creates happiness, so keep closely in mind that which fulfills you. If you are moving away from your family, and family is truly the most important thing to you, than that’s the wrong decision — provided they won’t move with you.

Chase after your dreams, incessantly.

Inspire your world, around you, to do the same. Imagine the difference you can make by simply letting people know how big you dream, which will inevitably encourage them to do the same.

Your vision in viral — spread it, and it will expand you.

Enable yourself to flourish by finding a community leader (you or someone you love), existing in an environment where that skill-set is valued, and dominating.

You can live a life of happiness, but people have to appreciate who you are. In today’s world, people are too picky — they know they can choose from the entire country (or world), so they have no loyalty to the community. Play the game back, but play it better.

Go to places where your world is viral, establish it, and watch it flourish.

Weight loss is the same thing, but you have to create your own culture — there are tons of negative ‘food influences’ all over the place. If you want to live healthy, you have to create a healthy living environment. Stock your kitchen properly, avoid buying foods that are bad for you through an act of discipline, and commit to developing your own ‘culture’ with food.

Most importantly, create a ‘food culture’ for yourself, inspire others to do the same, or begin eating meals with those that do. The food you put in your mouth is your energy output, your ability to fight heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and look the best you’ve ever looked.

Ideally, you’re living in an environment conducive to positive health. Growing up, it was a competition for who could make the best food, select it off a menu, and eat the most. In San Francisco, it’s a competition for who can make the best food; this implies good health. Abandon all of the choices of food that aren’t healthy and see them for what they are truly doing — killing us slowly.

Choose culture first, and the best life ever will follow.

When you begin to make decisions based upon the ‘culture’ of your decisions, you conquer one of life’s greatest challenges, which is establishing your own identity. The longer I’ve trained clients, the more I’ve realized that working out is part of establishing an identity. People want to be thought of as skinnier, leaner, healthier, more muscular, or more motivated. After all, we used to be viewed this way… Our bodies simply represent our level of dedication to the cause.

Sure, there is intrinsic reward in being healthy, and this a huge force that drives all of us, but the outer shell matters too. From a Darwinistic point of view, we are instantly judged by the opposite sex before we ever have a chance to interact — will we be able to protect our offspring, show confidence when it matters, or produce healthy genes?

Instinctively, we know that a better body equals a greater perception of who we are; intrinsically, we know that a better body equals better health. The same is going to be true for the ‘cult’ you choose. You’re either going to represent ‘safety, survival, and confidence,’ or you’re going to represent ‘bad genes and danger.’ Your friends’ meal habits are affecting you, and they are either helping or hurting. The same is true for your family.

Protect your family and friends, act confidently, and create your own food culture. Self-pride and happiness follows when you offer greatness to the world. Your knowledge of better health and survival is great. Share.

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