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In sports, we call it ‘the zone’. In life, we call it ‘flourishing’. In spirituality, it’s called ‘connection’.

So what does ‘connected’ mean and ‘how’ can you achieve it?

  • Definition of ‘connected’: a state of harmony with all that surrounds you.
  • How you can achieve it: achieve true health by removing all blocks in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers.
Let’s discuss ‘true health’ in each of the above layers:
  • Physical layer: how you eat, move, and think affect your physical health. In this specific layer, we are interested in balancing muscles to take pressure off joints, increasing your metabolism to put your ideal weight on autopilot, neutralizing sources of increased stress on organs, balancing hormones, and learning about your body and how to care for it. System-by-system, achieve great health. Begin with the most critical system and work outward. Or, very simply put, make sure you live in the right climate, work with the right people, do the right stuff with your time, eat the right foods, and move your body at the appropriate times, the appropriate amount.
  • Mental layer: consciously, you may attempt to think ‘positive thoughts’ all the time. You may make an extreme effort to be happy, but deep down, you feel differently. There might be rage, frustration, anger, or even sadness. You may feel guilty or shame. You might be afraid. No matter which emotion you are experiencing, there is likely a subconscious program on repeat that is creating this experience. By clearing your subconscious mind through reprogramming, you will free yourself from mental blocks adversely affecting your health.
  • Emotional layer: many times, our relationships are the best measure of emotional health. When we feel great, we interact with those we love in a positive way, exchanging love and admiration for one another; on the contrary, when we don’t feel so well emotionally, it tends to wear on a household and friendships, manifesting as relationship concerns. How you feel on a minute-to-minute basis affects your health. We are also meant to live in communities, so how you perceive interactions with others will also have an effect on your physical health.
  • Spiritual layer: you may have some preconceived notions about God, religion, or nature. Independent of your beliefs exists the importance of beliefs that serve you and your highest good. In other words, you would be considered ‘spiritually blocked’ if you have beliefs that limit your ability to enjoy your life, feel or receive love, or accept you are part of a greater plan.

Achieve ‘connection’ by focusing upon yourself. Layer by layer, optimize your body and life. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but health is actually our default program. We have to go out of our way to become unhealthy, but society has made this easy for us with temptations everywhere we look.

Once you feel your health improving, you’ll begin to experience greater connection. Along the way, you’ll have so much fun, which will reinforce the experience. We live in a world with synchronicity that is difficult to ignore, belief that seems to create reality, and the ability to feel as animals in the wild feel.

Yet, most of us are blind, deaf, and dumb when it comes to interacting with that which is greater than us. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been tempted to eat delicious (poisonous) treats, watch TV, sit on our desk chairs in school during critical movement hours, and worry about our futures instead of trust in the plan.

Independent of the reason why, I challenge you to acknowledge there’s more here than you know; and it might be fun to discover the magic that exists for us.

Today’s thought exercise:
What’s the best way for you to learn about yourself over the next 90 days? Would you benefit from keeping a daily journal with the following categories?:

  • Thoughts/thought patterns: write positive or negative thoughts
  • Food: write what you ate today
  • Exercise: write how you moved and when
  • Career/Hobby/Interests: good, bad, and the ugly on work/hobbies here
  • Social/Relationships: who did you hang with today, how did it feel, and what have you learned from the experience?
  • Climate: how was the weather? Were you in the same location or did you travel? How did this affect your mood, energy level, relationships, focus, productivity, eating choices, exercise choices, and schedule?

Or maybe you’re someone who will benefit most from drawing a daily picture that represents your choices and feelings for the day?

No matter what you choose, be sure to keep track as you go. This way, you can modify your strategy and see better and better results.

And finally, make sure any changes you make for your health are enjoyable; the point of this is sustainable change that enhances your quality of life and the level of connection you get to experience.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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