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You are never alone.

Remember back to the last time you saw an old friend, the conversations you had, and the enthusiasm exchanged. It’s incredible when someone truly ‘gets’ you, compassionately loves you, and is totally interested in you. Isn’t it?!

At the core, we feel the need to be seen, heard, and understood. We feel this need because it’s part of how many of us establish our identities.

Yet, the method is flawed. We are seeking out someone else’s description/opinion of us in order to feel understood. This comes from a desire to believe anyone gets us, or we are not alone.

In truth, we are never alone. Your connection with yourself is probably what is suffering if you feel lonely.

Think back to when you were a kid. You may have had an imaginary friend, talked to yourself, or used your imagination for hours on end. Your natural way is to be creative, get lost inside your mind, and use it to interact with the environment around you.

Along the way, you may have become concerned with responsibilities, homework, deadlines, outside relationships, and performance. Strangely, no one ever taught you how to develop a relationship with yourself, as you developed a relationship with other people and animals. No one ever explained the time you spent imagining, dreaming, and aspiring was time well spent.

In fact, the importance of dedicated time inside your mind seems grossly underestimated. And it’s a bit weird.

Here’s why your mind deserves more attention, as you offer other parts of your body:
  • Teeth — you need teeth to chew for every meal. So, you take time and brush/floss them at least a couple times per day.
  • Hair — you might do your hair in fancy ways, enjoy feeling clean, or prefer to avoid itchy scalp. So, you make hair washing a regular part of your bathing routine.
  • Armpits — if left to their own accords, these heat beasts are bound to release pheromones — and perhaps draw a few dirty looks — within a couple of days. So, you bathe regularly, soap, and use deodorant.
  • Hearts — you might get your blood work checked, monitor cholesterol level, and you may even have taken a stress test to make sure your heart is healthy. Since the heart is essential to survival, we make it a priority.
  • Lungs — perhaps because we need them to breathe, these organs are given attention in medical examination and follow-up. You may also understand breathing heavy is good lung exercise.

…hmmm… what about the mind? Does it deserve regular attention like our teeth, hair, nails, armpits, hearts, and lungs?

The Mind — changes the way you see, feel, and experience life. When pointed in a positive direction, life feels like bliss; when pointed in a negative direction, the perception of life is misery. Often times, perception is reality.

Seems pretty important to me. How about you??

You see, the mind deserves regular exercise, nourishment, and love. It deserves to feel it’s a pair with you and it will never be left alone. You — and your mind — have an ability to work together, to experience life together, and to never spend another moment alone; together.

Today’s thought exercise:

If I am my mind, and I’m also me, does this mean there’s two of me? And if there’s two of me, who’s in charge? Is it me or my mind?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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