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Change happens; either you embrace it, or it takes over.
Everything evolves, whether it’s growing, shrinking, dying, or flourishing. One way or another, the world around you — and you yourself — are changing. Life, when in proper balance, is changing.

Strangely, many of us attempt to avoid change. At times, you might even resent change, thinking life is so perfect you don’t want anything to disrupt your ‘flow’. The irony is change took you from where you were (less satisfied) to where you are now (more satisfied). So, by resisting change, you’re likely to become dissatisfied with anything new and return to where you started.

Whether you like it or not, you are getting older. Your brain chemistry is changing, and your thought processes are, as well. By resisting change, you are resisting your own growth and expansion. It”s as if you’re being given an opportunity to evolve and grow, but you are locking yourself in a box that no longer fits and forces you to be scrunched up and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, when you embrace change, you are obeying the laws of the Universe, accepting what is, and dynamically — and proactively — responding to your body and surroundings. In doing so, you’re able to dodge obstacles, see past challenges, and improve your harmony with nature.

Change is exciting. It means ‘new’, and new is how you were born. Once upon a time, you were brand new to this world, and that was one of the most exciting days of your life, and your parents’ lives. Completing a new birthday means you are one year older, which relatively speaking doesn’t feel a whole lot different than yesterday.

But, when you look backwards, hindsight will teach you each year represents a shift in your thinking, personality, goals or objectives, and perspective on life. It may not be as linear as one year to the next, but when you glance back a decade, it becomes apparent there are chapters in life. What was awesome and interesting 10 years ago is typically different than what excites you today. And, it’s no more or less interesting today than what piqued your interest 10 years ago; it’s simply different.

Change is your opportunity to experience. It’s the distinction between this moment and the next. And no matter how much you’re enjoying this moment, please understand the only reason you’re having so much fun is because you’re comparing it to a moment in the past.

Each slice of now represents an opportunity to experience, to enjoy your life, and to gain perspective. Resisting change means you are resisting your own life, and the lives of people you love. Most importantly, resisting change means you are living in the past — rather than in the present — and without excitement for the future.

Today’s thought exercise:
Where are you resisting change in your life, and what happens if you took the exact opposite approach? In other words, what happens if you ran an experiment where everything you were resisting you embraced, instead? Would your life fall apart, become more interesting, or would it be relatively the same?

I suggest you honor your current perspective as a culmination of your past experiences and perspectives. In order to gain new perspective — and thereby become even ‘more’ excited with life — you must embrace and embody change. You have a choice to flow with the Universe or resist it; one way or another, it’s going to keep changing, so you’d be pushing against a brick wall by resisting.

Today, I honor you for who you are, who you’re about to become, and who you’ll be after that. With each moment that passes, I respect and admire you for proactively guiding your life to match your surroundings and co-exist. At a soul level, you’re here to experience — which means change — so change is perhaps one of our greatest gifts.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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