Build Muscle & Improve Your Metabolism: 4 Awesome Techniques (Part 3)

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Get Ready For The Most Important Lesson I’ve Ever Taught

I’d like to teach you about how to build muscle that looks good and functions well…

This is very important, but even more importantly…

You have to understand how to customize your program to your needs in order to become truly successful with your exercise program.

That’s the topic of this week’s blog… but I’m only going to teach you this under one condition… you have to be ready to comment, get involved, and ask questions.

Every time you increase your participation, I’ll teach you more. I cannot stress this enough… it’s a give and take relationship – I’m totally down to help you, but only if you stay involved.

Do we have a deal?

Great! Let’s move on and talk about how very high rep training can increase capillary density & why fascial stretching can increase the room for growth of muscles, thereby exponentially increasing the effect from your exercise program.

High Rep Training To Increase Capillary Density:

This is like magic. Capillary density determines blood flow to a muscle, which ultimately determines the amount of nutrition to your muscles, the rate of healing, and the rate of growth.

When you can provide more blood flow, you can truly maximize the effect of each workout to a greater degree. Every time you exercise, you cause injury to your muscle. The reason that we recover in a couple of days is because we are able to repair our muscles fairly quickly.

But what happens if you can speed this up by 2-3x? Your results begin to accelerate,
and that just exponentially grows… especially when you are neurologically efficient and you can actually recruit your entire muscle for the given exercise.

It’s amazing to see the effect of spending just a few weeks training at max speed and highest repetitions possible. Essentially, you are making capillaries explode into new arterioles and new vascular supply.

Fascial Stretching To Increase The Room For Growth:

This is the most under-rated approach to getting fit and creating a fat loss machine inside of your body.

This same fat loss machine will help you grow muscle to a greater capacity, but in the right shape and size, as you desire. Fascia is a connective tissue that runs throughout your entire body, giving your body shape or form.

Essentially, fascia holds everything together, from your bones to your ligaments, to your organs to your muscles. It’s the tie that binds…

By learning how to perform exercises with the CREEP Principle in mind, you are learning how to integrate fascia into your workouts. The CREEP Principle refers to your body’s innate response to slow and continuous stretch.

Fascia obeys this rule more than any other tissue. By slowly approaching end range, allowing your body to adjust and increasing stretch over time, you are allowing your fascia to expand.

In your entire body, you get about 2.5cm of slack of your fascia. Since it is a nervous system-type tissue, your body tightens fascia over time related to physical, emotional,
psychological, or spiritual injury that takes place.

Some people think that they are ‘getting old,’ because they used to be able to withstand greater force without bruising, injury, or long recovery times. In all likelihood, if you are
50 years young or younger, that’s not the case at all. Typically, once you restore fascial length around your body, your body learns to absorb impact just the way it used to,
and your pains go away.

This is one of the main principles of DEFL – call it the ‘medicine in the peanut-butter’, if you will 🙂


There you have it, high rep training to increase capillary density and speed up healing, coupled with fascial expansion following the CREEP Principle, allows your body to grow and prosper from your exercise program.

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