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Did you know the average person takes 14-20 breaths per minute?
Yet, we are hardly even conscious of the fact we are doing so. Most of the time, we take breathing for granted, and we disconnect from it, while simultaneously depending on air for survival.

Today, we’re going to breathe a bit differently:

Take a deep breath, letting your belly expand as you inhale; fill your lungs.

Hold it for 8 seconds. Feel the oxygen hit the insides of your chest, feel your ribcage expand out to the side, and your shoulders ever-so-slightly shrug upward. Now, feel the oxygen expand inside your body, reaching through to the top of your head, outwards towards your fingertips, and then down to your toes.

Now, exhale with your lips pursed, so you breathe out slowly. Imagine you’re breathing through a thin coffee straw when you’re exhaling, so you force positive pressure back through your lungs and prepare them for the next breath.

Repeat x 5, as follows:
  • Your second breath will be focused on visualizing light as you breathe inward. Imagine your whole body filling up with light, like a clear blue sky being sucked into your lungs and throughout your body.
  • Your third breath will be focused on mist. Imagine mist rising off a body of water and entering your lungs, hydrating them — and you — as you feel peace overtake you.
  • Your fourth breath will be focused on the stars. Close your eyes and imagine you’re breathing in a string of stars, gobbling each one up, one at a time, as you feel a sparkle come through your throat and out of your eyes with each star that passes through.
  • Your fifth breath will be love entering through you; the intangible feeling you get when you gaze into someone’s eyes who you love dearly, and who loves you back.
  • And, finally, your sixth breath will be gratitude; focus on your heart as you inhale, feeling it pump, hearing it beat inside your head, and expanding in your chest so much so it wants to burst outward, spreading forgiveness and trust all around.

In just six breaths, you have centered yourself. You have channeled inner peace from the Earth’s resources, from positive action, and from within yourself. Imagine what happens when you commit to this exercise when you wake up, before and after every meal, and once before bed.

We’re talking about just 30 breaths per day, and a monumental shift in your perspective; consciously and subconsciously.

Again, your six breaths are:
  1. Oxygen
  2. Light
  3. Mist
  4. Stars
  5. Love
  6. Gratitude

Couldn’t be simpler. Begin.

I’m so grateful for you,


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