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Aren’t boobs fantastic?!

Mother Nature nailed it when it comes to boobs; they provide nourishment for life, pillows for sleep, comfort for nurturing, excitement for the opposite sex, and a sense of beauty to everyone. Strangely, we don’t know how to handle them in western society. Women who show too little are uptight, women who show whatever they want are talked down upon, and there’s no consensus on whether or not it’s ok to breastfeed in public.

As a society, we are weird.

We’ve created tons of laws, rules, and etiquette surrounding everything but our bodily functions and love lives. For example:
  • Is it ok to fart in public? How about in a bathroom while peeing? Depending upon who you ask, that’s either distasteful or absolutely hilarious.
  • Is it better to pee your pants or go outside where you might be seen? How about if it’s #2? We know what the law says on this, but can you image how many people would be walking around with pee and poop in their pants if everyone abided by this rule for their entire lives? Plus, we have kids. We’ve had them get out of the car and do both #1 and #2 directly in front of a cop car; our solution was a doggy poop bag. No concerns whatsoever, so if a 2 year old can do it, how about a 12 year old? At 18, are we supposed to acknowledge only children have bladder and bowel urgency? How about older adults?
  • Can a couple kiss in public? Make out? Sensually rub each other? What’s the cutoff point? Is anything with clothes on fair game? Legally, I suppose so, but not everything seems ‘acceptable, does it?
  • If someone has an unusual body feature, is it ok to mention it and ask? Or is it best to leave him/her alone? Naturally, if it’s on your mind they can feel it too, so it’s best to ask, but this might also be considered rude according to an unwritten set of implied, non-sensical rules.
  • Should you make eye contact with a person in a wheelchair? Of course, but you might feel like the person in the chair might think you’re staring, or looking down on them. Neither is true, but we don’t know what to do, so we avoid looking at people in wheelchairs and instead make eye contact with the person pushing them or let our gaze drift away to something else altogether. How awkward.
  • Can a woman nurse in public? If so, can she be topless or does she have to sneak her nipple out with some indiscriminate amount of skin exposure before someone else notices? Or is she able let one boob hang out but not the other? Geez, the pressure to get it all right…
  • What’s the rule on burping? Accidental vomit burps mid-conversation you attempt to hold down, but ultimately puff towards the person three inches in front of you are ok, but if you make a sound from a distance that is not ok?
  • Are women allowed to wear bikinis at a beach? What if they are overweight? Underweight? How about guys and those hoagie holders? You know, the banana hammocks? Are those ok? If we’re in Europe that’s standard protocol, but if you wear that on an American Beach it’s odd, right?!
  • Can friends kiss? Can they say I love you? What if they are the opposite sex? What if they are dudes? Are they now supposed to pretend they don’t love each other, or at the very least, make sure to never mention it?

As you can see, I’m confused. You might be too, or you might feel like you’ve mastered the rules. Either way, it’s strange we have this unwritten set of rules surrounding natural life, acts of love, and attempts to gain understanding and compassion.

Today’s thought exercise:
What do you think is ok vs not, from a heart-level, rather than based upon your life experience?

First, take time to acknowledge how you actually feel. Next, recognize you’re free and you always have been. Last but not least, be the example.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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