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It all starts with an explosive orgasm.
The seed gets planted, a mother nurtures and grows the fetus, and then a baby is born. Along the way, the only thing this ‘seed’ knows is love. Love is what creates the seed, love is what allows it to grow and be nurtured, and love is what motivates a new mama to perform the act of greatest selflessness known to man: birth.

You see, conception is love. Pregnancy is love. Birth is love. Life is love.

When we look into a newborn’s eyes, we see his soul; untouched, unaffected, and uninfluenced. This is the easiest moment to get to know someone, for the person you see in a newborn is his true character.

A lot of people think ‘character’ is made from life experience, and “anything that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”, thereby adding character. Personally, I think they’re confusing the terms ‘wisdom’ and ‘character’. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Wisdom — learning from the past, choosing differently, and improving.
  • Character — your natural born soul; this is who you are, deep down.

This is why we all like the idea of second chances. We know — independent of our actions today — who we are. We don’t want others to judge us 5 years from now based upon today’s mistakes in judgment, as we know they are nothing more than that. Inside each of us, we know we are good, and we know we mean well.

So, next time you’re hesitant to believe in another person, remember s/he was once a newborn baby. Remember the innocence in their eyes was there when they were born, and remember the only difference you see now is their soul hiding away instead of shining through.

If you’re having trouble seeing the good in someone, please consider the following exercise:
  1. Think of love, first.
  2. Imagine this person as a newborn.
  3. Look into their eyes.
  4. Forgive them, as if today was the first day of their life and they didn’t know better.
  5. Tomorrow, repeat this exercise. (for as long as it takes to shift your view — typically 2 weeks)

Most people spend their entire lives working on self-improvement. I’ll argue you’re better off ‘remembering’ your perfection than fighting to achieve it. You’re already perfect; all you have to do is get rid of the baggage you’ve picked up along the way, and love yourself as much as you were loved in the moment of your conception.

Love yourself. Love others.

Connect soul to soul, and understand life circumstances are the only barrier to feeling love and connectedness with others. It’s not them. It’s not you. It’s only circumstantial.

I’m so grateful for you,


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