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Do you think it’s worth worrying about bills? Or does that only hurt and lead to more stress, more bills, and poor health?

I’ll argue bills are not worth more than about 10 seconds of concern. In the 10 seconds you first see a bill you weren’t expecting, here’s an exercise you might want to try:
Ask yourself if this was a valid expense in your life.
If it’s valid and made sense to spend this money, you’re good; no need to worry further. If it’s not valid, this served as a lesson for you and, in fact, alleviated future stress by learning how to handle over-spending in the future, right now.
Choose how you’re going to pay for this bill. You have options:
  • Delay payment and create payment terms, or a payment plan. (99% of the time, people are open to this if you openly communicate you could use some help)
  • Pay out of your savings, even if you had this money appropriated for something else. And, consider the trade; perhaps you weren’t supposed to save up and buy that thing, object, car, boat, etc. anyway.
  • Create a new source of income (my favorite choice). The sky is the limit here. You are so talented. Go back to the basics: what do you love doing that you are also good at (ideally something difficult for others)? Now that you know the answer, moonlight or do it as project-based income. Since you’re doing something you love, you’ll feel great along the way, the bill will be eliminated, and you’ll realize your power to grow and manage expenses in a new way.


  • Cars — you might love cars and be great at washing them. Spend a couple Saturdays each month washing cars in your neighborhood, and take the same pride in it that you do with your own vehicle. This money will add up, and every penny of profit will go towards paying this bill. Plus, you’ll be sharing your passion for cars with the owner who gets in and enjoys his car more than ever before!
  • Cooking — this could be second nature to you, and someone down the road might be throwing a party. Put an ad on Craigslist, on some telephone poles, and in your local supermarket’s bulletin board. Offer to cook a feast for their next party for half the cost of a professional crew, and for just a bit more than it would cost to order in and have it catered. Since you’ll be making the dishes from scratch, and you’re doing it for a fraction of what it would cost to have a professional chef, you can probably charge between $15-30/hour, depending upon where you live. This can add up quickly and knock out a bill you thought would otherwise be impossible to pay. The best parts: you’ll be creating conversation with the meal you cook, you’ll be infusing it with love, and you’ll be bringing others together.
  • Health counseling — personally, healing, training, and writing are my best talents in life. When I need extra income, I help others through one of these skills. It solves a financial challenge for me while providing personal fulfillment at the same time.

Sometimes, we are served challenges so we grow. Instead of stressing out, binge eating, drinking, or going on a shopping spree to deal with your stress, consider how you might help another human being. Most people see their finances as limited, which is a scarcity mindset. This world is abundant.

Create additional income by doing projects. These projects serve as unexpected income, so they don’t compete with your ongoing expenses like a mortgage, car payments, or college savings.

I call this: money alchemy.

You are a wizard. Use your creativity, and solve challenges in a new and fun way every time they arise.

You see, bills can be exciting. They are meant to help you grow, either by making different decisions, or by getting excited about something ‘new;’ new is the most exciting thing in life. Monotony only creates more stress, and more stress creates more scarcity.

Re-position your life and finances. Challenge yourself to think ‘differently,’ and your life will become what you desire. Before you know it, your entire perspective may shift, and it will all flow downhill.

I’m so grateful for you,


PS — Here’s a quick tip if you decide to create some project-based income for yourself: before deciding how you’re going to earn money, think about how your efforts could be worth 10x more in 10% of the time and effort. Spend some time on this, for it stands to open your eyes, and open a new dimension for personal growth.

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