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You are that which exists beyond your skin;

Or in other words, you are a vessel through which purity travels.

And when you stop and think about your body this way, it begins to make sense why you might want to take care of your health. If your true purpose is to act as a channel for a higher purpose, then you’ll want to be sure the information, energy, and life that comes through you is able to achieve it’s goal without too much distortion.

Think about it: is your purpose to live a life of self-pride, greed, and ego-driven behavior? Or are you here to serve, in some way, shape or form?

If you believe in religion, then you’ll recognize each prophet or religious leader spoke of human beings as special in the light of God. If you don’t believe in religion, then you may find science to be a more accurate representation of the truth; in which case, ‘you’ are the source for evolution.

In either case, your body is a home for the advancement of our species.

Today’s thought exercise

Wouldn’t you rather your body is clean, healthy, and able to function as it was intended? And what 3 steps will you take today to move in the direction of optimal health?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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