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Let me ask you a question: is anything real?

Seriously. Take a step back. We see light, our eyes communicate this with the back of our brains, which flips the image upside down, and then we are able to process what we saw. To say the least, what we see is a matter of interpretation. We are limited to the light spectrum that is visible to human sight, the feelings our brains know how to interpret as sensory information, and the feelings we ‘think’ are ours, but very well may be coming from an outside influence (i.e. mirror neurons).

What we see is not real. What we feel is not real. What we know is not real.

What we believe ‘is’ real, because it’s the only common denominator in our life experience. What we believe we saw, we did. What we believe we felt, we did. What we believe will happen our lives, will.

Believe and it is real.

Use your imagination to allow the world to conform to your every desire. Deep down, believe in yourself, your goals, your aspirations, and your ability to live with the highest quality of life possible. When you truly convince yourself, and you believe it with all of your soul, it may as well already exist.

You see, the world we live in is an illusion; so, bias the illusion to be your favorite reality.

While the concept of Never-Never Land from Peter Pan is fiction, the premise is correct. In the movie, they teach Peter to ‘believe’ he can fly, and he will. The idea being that if Peter believes with all of his soul he can fly, then his imagination will take him the rest of the way.

There are a handful of great lessons from Peter Pan:
  • Believe and you can do anything.
  • Imagination is a child’s #1 tool in this world, and it’s something we often lose when we grow up.
  • Sometimes, we need someone to believe in us in order to believe in ourselves.
  • The collective belief is worth more than one person believing at a time.
  • Every now and then, we need someone to sprinkle some ‘pixie dust’ on us, meaning we need someone to remind us how magical we are and share some of their magic as a reminder.

Our conscious minds will immediately look for proof that something is ‘not’ real when we choose to believe in a far-fetched idea. As soon as we find proof, our conscious minds will tell us “I told you so” and we will stop believing. So, we need to quiet the conversation inside our heads and deny the validity of our conscious minds, as our minds are limited to this life experience and do not grasp the world as a whole.

When we keep our conscious minds quiet, believe through our hearts, and connect ourselves to nature, our beliefs act as rockets of desire to create our realities. What we believe may not be apparent initially, but give it time and it will be. After all, time is a human construct, so any ‘delay’ is not really a delay; it’s simply the amount of time it takes for our beliefs to turn into “real” life.

Today’s thought exercise:

Would it hurt too badly to admit everything in your life is your own doing and based upon your own beliefs? Or would you feel immensely liberated to know you get to choose your life, what it looks like, and the quality of your experience?

If you’re anything like me, it’s super heavy at first, but liberating as you digest the potential of this new discovery: life can be anything you choose, but you have to believe it to be.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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