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Smile For Fat Loss, Friends, & A Better Life Lessons Learned From A Fat Kid To Fitness Icon

It’s humbling and bashful to be in a position to help others improve the quality of their lives. I truly appreciate the opportunity of my life, so I’m delighted to share the lessons I’ve learned in hopes of inspiring you to the happiest version of yourself.

Before we begin, I’d like to start by explaining that I do not perceive happiness as a number on a spreadsheet, a vacation of a lifetime, or a bunch of children that drive me crazy. Instead, I see happiness as a frame of mind, and something I can only hope to achieve to a greater extent each day.

Today, I’m sharing my happiness secret with you.

I set out on a path to improve my physique and to get out of pain — in hope, I’d find a partner. In some ways, it was more difficult for me than others; in other ways, my pain led me to a faster solution. The threat of autoimmune disease and blood testing to follow is what motivated me to reach outside of medicine and assume it was my own health, for taking ownership meant I could heal and feel better.

17% bodyfat and 34 pounds later, I felt amazing — and my entire reality changed.

People began to treat me differently, which at first I thought was due to my newfound physique. As anyone who just lost weight might think, I judged people for being so vein and seeing me for more now that I “looked good.”

In reality, I empathized with their ‘situation,’ in that I also silently judged others… but not as a result of the way they look, but their implied motivation towards life. I wanted to help, and now I felt better… I just didn’t know the solution.

It wasn’t until I realized that my ‘state’ was what triggered everyone’s reaction, that I discovered the ‘path’ to happiness that’s worked for me so far…

Here’s the thing — everyone wants to be happy.

If you are happy, then there’s hope for amazing things to come. People will follow you, become inspired by you, and become addicted to your vision.

We all seek happiness, and we, as pack animals, herd ourselves towards it.

The funny thing about being happy is that… well, funniness solves the problem. You might think that you can’t be happy because it’s an incredibly serious moment, but the fact of the matter is that a series of ridiculously funny jokes will completely change your outlook on everything.

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a list of 5 absolutely hysterical jokes and print them out to read out loud anytime you’re feeling lousy — your world will change with just 5 jokes.

MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA FOR HAPPINESS: Smile, ridiculously big, and for 60 second at a time.

There was a dark period in my life. My whole life I grew up with the vision of falling in love with one person, and having that person be the rest of my life, and the source of my happiness. While in high school, I met someone wonderful, but her life and mine were different paths. It took years to figure this out, but before I was able, I felt extremely unhappy.

At the age of 19, I was extremely unhappy. Most people describe me as someone ten years older than my actual age… but I had a strong conviction that my life wasn’t going to “work out” as well as I thought it should.

The funny thing is… smiling changed the game — have fun with your life, because, well, Fuck It.

I don’t say it often, but think about it… if you die tomorrow, then what?

All of this becomes bullshit, and the happy memories survive — smile for awhile.

Live your life, and love it for all that it can be. People fluctuate, and they can be negative, but don’t you dare allow this to limit your happiness and your belief system.

If you think for a second, every celebrity in the world possesses more ‘talent’ than you do, you’re dead wrong. I’m making a deliberate choice not to become a celebrity – honestly, I’d love to affect ‘that’ many more lives, but it’s not worth the trade to my lifestyle.

I love my life — it’s a happy place with incredible people who surround me.

Can you say the same?

If you can’t, it’s perfectly normal, but it’s not the way you should live your life. Inspire yourself for the best of your imagination. Live life to be a smile all the time. Practice now, and inspire yourself with your own ridiculously unrealistic attitude.

The fact of the matter is that you can contradict or dis-believe anything I’m saying — but, in doing so, you’re limiting yourself to not receive the best advice I’ve ever given in my life.

Be happy and lose fat. Be happy and hit your goals. Be happy and don’t worry about money anymore. Be happy and make sense of spirituality. Be happy and live a better life.

Win with me – promise yourself you’ll smile as BIG and GOOFY as you can for just 60 seconds every day when you wake up, while looking in the mirror.

Do it. Promise below and report back.


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