30 Day Type II Diabetes Challenge — Blood Sugar, Insulin, Nutrition, & Exercise

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Today, I have one purpose: I will explain what I believe to be the full solution to Type II Diabetes.

It’s worked for lots of clients of mine, and without fail to date. Having said that, Diabetes is a real disease and it’s believed that there is no real ‘cure.’ I understand this information, and I cannot speak to the damage that has been done by the disease, or the likelihood that this information will work for every person in the world — however, I can attest to many examples of blood sugar returning to normal, hemoglobin A1C normal on repeated 90 day blood work, numbness and tingling disappearing, and in some cases, sight returning to normal.

Please keep in mind that these are only case studies, none of which have ‘officially’ been written up, and that these results cannot be assumed to work for every person, or any other person, for that matter. With that said, I want to help, if you’ll allow me…

Within the next 30 days, I want your blood sugar to be normal, and I want you to be able to stop taking insulin. Within 90 days, I want your hemoglobin A1C to be normal, and I plan to challenge you throughout. It’s your responsibility to share this information with anyone who has blood sugar issues, or anyone who knows someone that has blood sugar issues or Diabetes. This is a horrible disease, one I’ve witnessed my entire life.

When I was a 3 year old boy, my father used to take my brother and I on his Rounds at the hospital, provided it was slow and he was on call. He dressed us up in a suit and tie, introduced us proudly to everyone he worked with, and to all of his patients. We loved meeting everyone, and they loved meeting us.

Many years later, I realized that my class in Physical Therapy school had a difficult time looking at patients who had amputations… but my entire life I thought this was normal, and how some people look. As a small child, I learned that these were people too, and some people have toes, and others don’t. Some peoples have part of their legs, some don’t.

I’m grateful for this lesson, but I later learned how many of them had Type II Diabetes. Now, on a mission for all of my father’s patients, patients of mine, and family members who have this horrible disease, I want to save limbs, just as my father did. I want to stop limb loss, sensory loss, muscle loss, heart disease created from Diabetes, insulin dependency to eat food, sweat attacks, and loss of life — Diabetes sucks, and in my opinion, it’s mostly unnecessary.

Diabetes, at its core, is an issue in the way your body processes sugar. The solution should shouldn’t be insulin; it should be eliminating sugar and adding exercise.

Exercise acts like insulin in Type II Diabetes, which means the following:

Insulin ‘eats’ excess sugar you consume. If you have Type II Diabetes, your body has a hard time producing the proper amounts of insulin, so blood sugar can go up or down very easily. When insulin dependency occurs — if you want to eat sugar — you are forced to inject insulin in order to eat, or you could pass out or even die. And sugar is in everything when you go out to eat… it’s nearly impossible to avoid.

Exercise is your safeguard, and muscle consumes more sugar than anything else. It’s time to teach you how to build muscle, burn off sugar, and restore your body’s response to food. I’m just as frustrated as you that it’s gotten this far, and it’s time to do something. Don’t wait, make any excuses, or pretend that there isn’t a way to adapt this information to make it work. There is, and I’ll respond in the comments section.

Simultaneously, you have to eliminate all sugars, or as much as possible. Before you do, here is something to consider:

Sudden elimination of all sugars can produce gallstones or kidney stones in some people. It’s wise to communicate with your doctor if you plan to eliminate all sugar and carbohydrates, 100%, but I believe a balance is achievable, so long as you choose the ‘right’ carbs.

Follow these 3 steps for the next 30 days:
7-17 Rule: Eat a maximum of 7g of sugar and 17g of carbohydrates per day
Do the following 5 minute circuit before every meal, as well as when you wake up and just before bed:

Eliminate the following foods from your diet, immediately: Soy, non-organic produce, non-grassfed steaks, non-organic meats, gluten (flour, wheat, barley, “flavoring”, etc.), trans-fats, excessive salt consumption, or any food that you have even a mild allergy to.

*NOTE: Feel free to post menu suggestions below in the comments section. It’s great to work together on this, because it’s a big adjustment in the beginning.

Follow these 3 steps from Days 60-90:
Observe all rules above, and commit to this from now on.
Add these 2 muscle building workouts, 2x each per week.
(ex. Workout A on Monday, Thursday; Workout B on Tuesday, Friday)

Download manual of Workouts A & B –>
Begin practicing the 3 Step Stress Relief Plan every day for 15 minutes when you wake up and before your morning Body Transformation Mini Circuit.

That’s all folks. Get started.

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