14 Easiest Pounds to Lose

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There is so much ‘gook’ in your system, it’s pretty disgusting if you think about it…

Your colon, intestines, and entire digestive tract are ridden with build-up of toxins mixed with bile, inflammation, and food deposits.

This is mostly because of the immobility of our intestinal tracts that takes place over time. We inflame ourselves and end up having a difficult time excreting bowel contents, suffer from constipation, and even worse, stop absorbing the nutrients that matter most to our health.

There are a ton of things you can do to improve your digestive health, including, but not limited to:

  • Quarterly 3 Day Detox
    • Make sure you stay away from radical methods such as ‘Master Cleanse,’ in my opinion. I really don’t believe at all in depleting your body 100% of all the nutrients it needs for an extended period, as this cleanse asks you to do. It’s dangerous, in my opinion, and it only leads to poorer health in time, although the philosophy is to give your digestive tract a break.
    • Instead, consider checking out a much more natural and less extreme cleansing method, like the 3 Day Detox. In my professional opinion, this is much more effective and removes the danger or radical cleansing.

  • Increasing fiber intake
    • My favorite thing to do here is carry around a bag of baby carrots all day long. For the entire day, every time I’m hungry in between meals, I’ll first consider filling my belly with carrots, before moving on to other more tempting foods.

  • Balancing hydration and electrolyte consumption
    • if you don’t get a lot of electrolytes naturally from fruits, make sure you include this as part of your hydration strategy)

  • Consuming digestive enzymes, specifically designed to help you process food more easily.
    • I get my enzymes through my superfood cocktail.

  • Supplementation – the best Digestive Supplement I know of is: Ultimate Digestive Health
    • This helps with regularity, if that’s a concern.

  • Exercise designed to improve intestinal mobility.
    • Lower intensity, longer duration on Day 1 and Day 3 – promotes circulation.
    • High intensity, super short duration on Day 2 and Day 4 – promotes reciprocal nervous system response by hyper-stimulating your Sympathetic Nervous System during your exercise so that your Parasympathetic Nervous System takes over after you exercise and naturally results in increased digestive prioritization.

If you are suffering from poor digestive health, make sure you implement as much of the above as possible.

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